September 27, 2018

Recipe Blog Post
Today I'm recapping all of my blog posts where I share different recipes with you all! My How-To Blog Posts post got a lot of hits so I decided to keep going with these recaps. I'm glad you all are liking these and if you ever want to see all of the blog post you can scroll to the right side and look for the "ARCHIVES" drop down menu. These post will range from recipes that I found on Pinterest to my collab with Blue Apron. If you want to see any other recipes on the blog remember to comment down below.

September 19, 2018

How I Planned Our Trip To Disney
Orlando, Florida can be such a fun place. There are beaches, unique shops and of course Disney. I’ve been to Disney a few times in my life, but the last time I went was a few years ago with my friends. Even though the last trip was so much fun it was very poorly planned. To give you some background we decided to go to Universal Studios around noon on a Saturday…. Yeah, didn’t work out that great. You can definitely do Orlando on a budget and make your money last you the whole week. I wanted to share some tips and tricks on how I planned our Disney trip this year. To see pictures and adventures from our Orlando trip you can view that blog by clicking here.

September 15, 2018

She In Haul
I have been a huge fan of She Inside for a while now, but I've never really bought a huge haul before. Until now that is and let me tell you- I am not disappointed. I wanted to share everything that I purchased in this latest haul and I got all of this for under $150! The reason I love She In is because not only is everything really cheap, but they offer free shipping and ALWAYS have coupons and deals that you can apply to your cart. I listed everything I bought down below along with the sizing to give you a reference because it's European sizes, I really had to read the details carefully to make sure I got the best sizes possible.

September 11, 2018

Designer Dupes On Amazon
I am a lover of boujee things, but the price for some items are just insane. I have always been a fan of high end "dupes" and with the internet there can tend to be a lot of scams. I never noticed though that Amazon has a ton of dupes! What's better than getting a dupe? Getting a dupe with two-day prime delivery! Here are some of my favorite dupes on Amazon.

September 05, 2018

Gabriel Brother's Haul
I must admit, I'm a little mad that a Gabe's opened up in my hometown. For the longest time Gabe's was just a store that my family and I would hit whenever we visited our family in Pennsylvania. I used to love getting all of my school clothes, soccer gear and shoes from Gabe's and having people ask where it's from and the looks on their faces as I tell them. They had no idea what that was and it was awesome. It was like my hidden gem. Now there's one open ten minutes from my parent's house. Of course this is awesome because well it's right up the road.. but the petty 12 year old tween in me is a little mad about it. None the less, I will definitely be shopping at Gabe's a lot more now.

September 04, 2018

How-To Blog Post
I want to keep this blog post simple and list all of the "how-to" blog posts that I have ever shared. There are so many different experiences that I go through and I want to share how I went through it or what I learned from the experience. Some of these are school related, life related and everything in between. Plus, it's fun to look through some of the older blog post I've written and see how much I've grown. I hope you enjoy this type of post and maybe it'll be a feature from now on! Let me know down below if you like it.

September 03, 2018

How I Organize My Agenda

Ever since I posted my 'How to Balance Work and Social Life' blog post and linked the agenda that I am currently using, I got a lot of follow up questions asking how I organize my agenda.  I have been using an agenda for as long as I can remember and it really does come in handy.  Especially when you're balancing multiple things at the same time.  Welcome to adulthood.  I used it more frequently when I was in school, because I was checking what assignments were due everyday, but now that I'm a college graduate, my agenda is mostly dedicated to work, appointments, and my blog.

September 02, 2018

Livin' In Levis
I've mentioned these jeans in a few post now but I can't stop talking about them. I can't believe that I found a pair of Levi jeans IN the Levi store for only $15. Call it luck, but it is rare that I find a pair of jeans that fit me so perfectly. Let alone a name brand on clearance then an additional 50% off on top of that. New York is just always so good to me when I visit, what can I say?


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