Gabe's Haul

Manassas, VA, USA
Gabriel Brother's Haul
I must admit, I'm a little mad that a Gabe's opened up in my hometown. For the longest time Gabe's was just a store that my family and I would hit whenever we visited our family in Pennsylvania. I used to love getting all of my school clothes, soccer gear and shoes from Gabe's and having people ask where it's from and the looks on their faces as I tell them. They had no idea what that was and it was awesome. It was like my hidden gem. Now there's one open ten minutes from my parent's house. Of course this is awesome because well it's right up the road.. but the petty 12 year old tween in me is a little mad about it. None the less, I will definitely be shopping at Gabe's a lot more now.

For those of you who don't know, Gabe's is sort of like a Marshall's or TJMaxx, but in my opinion the prices are way better. They are constantly getting new things in the store and they have everything from none name brands to designers. You will always be able to find something at Gabe's. I remember one year I got all of my soccer gear including matching Adidas soccer bags for Rocio and I. It's so cheap you can definitely get your money worth there.

I finally stopped by the new one in town and I was not disappointed. I got two pairs of shoes, a dress, candles, a pan and a bag of pig ears all for less than $75! The most expensive item was a pair of shoes for $25. I mean come on! Plus my mom had $5 off $25 coupons and I was able to use all 3 of them at the same time. I just love Gabe's and if you have one near you you should definitely visit ASAP!

I tried to find everything I got (prices may vary), because you can't shop online at Gabe's.

xoxo, Michele


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