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How-To Blog Post
I want to keep this blog post simple and list all of the "how-to" blog posts that I have ever shared. There are so many different experiences that I go through and I want to share how I went through it or what I learned from the experience. Some of these are school related, life related and everything in between. Plus, it's fun to look through some of the older blog post I've written and see how much I've grown. I hope you enjoy this type of post and maybe it'll be a feature from now on! Let me know down below if you like it.

Throwing it waay back to 2015 when my blog was a secret and I never shared it with anyone. My first how-to blog post (and something Omar is going to kill me for) is How-To Survive Deployment. I am actually cringing at this, but hey, it's something I went through (twice) and I still think some of my points are completely valid.

My next how-to features my very adorable pet hedgehog Lumpy! I seriously miss this guy and just miss having a little critter around the house. Lumpy passed away the summer of 2017 and it was really hard for me. He was seriously the best pet a twenty-year old girl could have asked for. My next how-to is How-To Bathe a Hedgehog.

This post was actually inspired by my pup, Oliver. Getting a puppy means you have to learn to become a morning person because when they have to go... they gotta go. This next how-to is How-To (Kind Of) Becoming a Morning Person.

This one was from my college days *le sigh.* Not that that was that long ago, but still it feels like a whole other world to talk about college. This post is all about How-To Get Through Finals. I was approaching my senior year at this point so I've got some good times in there. Going off of my college days, this isn't really a "how-to" but I thought it was fitting because it's 10 Things I Learned In College and if you're heading or are currently still in college, you're definitely going to want to check that out. Lastly, not exactly a "how-to" but still college related, this post shares all the things I would change If I Could Redo College. Hope these are helpful to all you college kids out there!!

My next how-to is really fun! Especially with fall time coming up, you won't be traveling as much, but maybe you can learn How-To Become a Tourist In Your Own Town.

After you have some fun on the weekends, you can learn How-To Balance a Work and Social Life with this post.

This is a super random one, but when you live on your own you need to do some grocery shopping. Of course, most of this is learned through trial and error, none the less here are some Tips For Grocery Shopping.

This is travel how-to, but still important for those long trips. How-To Make The Most Out of a Long Road Trip.

After that long road trip you will definitely need a detox. Pick up some hints & tricks in this post How To Detox Your Life.

This last one isn't labeled "how-to" but it is a do-it-yourself arts and crafts project. Which basically means I'm showing you how-to do something, so I'm going to throw this one in here too. How-to put together these 2 Easy Picture Frame DIY's.

Not saying I'm a pro, but I've definitely learned a thing or two during this crazy life of mine. These all have different categories, but I hope it's helpful and now you know I have some how-to's on the blog. If there's any other how-to's you would like to see just leave a comment down below.

xoxo, Michele


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