May Recap

Washington, DC, USA
May Recap

May was a pretty good month—busy, but good. We are in the middle of moving which is super stressful. But through it all, we've had a very productive month. I re-worked my resume (shout out to my brother), my boyfriend and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary and the weather is getting so much warmer so I'm happy about that! Here's to the upcoming summer!

Highs: I had a handful of good things this past month but not one thing was better than the rest. Our trip to Philly was fun, we celebrated my boyfriend's birthday and our 7 year anniversary, we made it to the semi-finals for soccer and the boys team made it all the way to the finals. One of my friend's got engaged and I got to see one of my friends who is having a baby soon 🥺. It was overall a very busy, but productive month!

Lows: Just like the highs there were a handful of lows too. We're moving which is stressful, we didn't win any soccer finals, and my office determined we have to stop working from home and go back to the office in July which I am NOT looking forward to.

Links I Love

FRIENDS Reunion // We all saw this preview in the middle of May and honestly it saved the spring season.

TikToks // You know the drill, here's a list of my favorite TikTok videos from this month (non-animal related 😂). Working remotely in corporate America (#thetruth), Millennials getting engaged (I felt this one), Filming Gossip Girl in NYC, Building The Krusty Krab in The Sims, Bloopers of Robert Pattinson in Twilight, What if every millennial just quit (I'm in if you all are), DIY Dior Bag, Ned's Declassified Reboot (um—yes please), Star Wars Limited Edition Light Sabers, Nina Dobrev playing two characters in TVD (the pure talent), Creating a festival themed party, Opinions about Degrassi that I 100% agree with, A tiny pointless item (totally worth every penny IMO), Different reactions on returning to the office (lmaooo I am all but one), 10 Things I learned watching Gossip Girl, This painting technique (I wish I was this talented), The colors/voices singing as TVD characters (dead on), TVD pancakes (#iykyk), Starbucks Barista opinions (I get a chai and it's 100000% true), If I talked to people they way they talked to me about not having kids (FREAKING YES OMG), TVD characters singing this song (again, dead on), Singing as brands (I an obsessed with her videos and talent), This Harvard application essay (amazing, wow), and the McDonald's Collectibles book (where do I buy this cause it's freaking cool).

Animal TikToks // This cow is basically a dog, Mama raccoon comes back for her babies, Telling a dog how expensive he is, A fancy French Bulldog, Buying a husky a pool, What a Golden Dalmatian mix looks like, WFH with a dog, Having a retired police dog as a pet, A dog food truck in Austin, TX, Baking with a dog, A turtle gets his own pool, Saving a baby opossum, Puppy and his baby duck friends (I'm not crying—you're crying), A baby turtle sneezing 😭, This trend but with a pet cow, Taking a dog's collar off, Can he get his chino???, A dog that waves in photos (so cute), Making dog treats (I need the appliance), They found a baby seal on the beach, This puppy's recovery story (heartbreaking + beautiful), This dog's 2nd birthday (omg love), Things you should have by the time you are 30 (#truth), Puppers taking a nap, Cook his hotdogs too, and kissing your dog on the head to get their reaction.

Igna Hair Studio // I started managing my friends hair studio account and his insights/statistics have been sky rocketing. I love checking out his notifications more than my own lately!

My Work // The May issue came out and my interview with Jennie Lusko is published as well as the May Currents!

Dog Pool // Okay, this is the ultimate dog pool and when I own a house one day, I will be making this for my pup.


PinTok // This app has changed the game for every A-type person out there. As you know, you can save your favorite TikToks, but there's no way to organize them. This app allows you to organize your fave TikToks and reference them at the drop of a hat. That's how I was able to organize all of my monthly favorite videos for you above!

90 Day The Single Life // I can't remember if I highlighted this in April, but this show—dare I say—is better than the original concept of 90 Day Fiancé. It's cringy, funny and drama filled. 10/10 for a reality tv show and available to stream on Discovery+.

Chic-fil-A Breakfast // This has been our favorite thing lately! I never realized how good their iced coffee is! Yum!

Rick & Morty // My other recent favorite show is Rick & Morty!!! WUB A LUB A DUB DUB!


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xoxo, Michele

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