I Was Accepted To New York University

New York, NY 10003, USA

I Was Accepted To New York University

Surprise!! I was accepted to New York University Graduate School! I told you all that I had a lot of upcoming changes to my life that I will be sharing soon and this is a biggie. I was waiting to share the news because it was not an easy story to tell and I definitely didn't feel like repeating myself a thousand times so I will be answering all of your question that I know you are bound to have down below 😜.

I Was Accepted To New York University
I Was Accepted To New York University
I Was Accepted To New York University
I Was Accepted To New York University

Why did I apply?

As most people in the year 2020, I found I had more free time and was struggling to get to the next step in my career because of the halt 2020 had put on everyone's lives. My goal is and will always be to work for a print publication at CondΓ© Nast or Hearst one day and they are based in New York City. The greatest city ever, but also expensive. It's just not viable for me to pack up and move without a job offer. I needed another way to get into the city, make connections and give an umph to my resume and it just sort of clicked: NYU. Not just any program though, one of the toughest programs to get into (because I can never do anything easy): Journalism. So, I applied because why not 🀷🏼‍♀️.

Why did you wait so long to tell people?

Okay, so here's the story. My application process was NOT an easy one. When I first applied I reached out to some administrative people close to the end of the summer of 2020. I was told the program I wanted to apply for was still taking applications and to apply so I did and not even a week later I got an e-mail saying the program was full. Obviously I was kind of upset, so I reached out for them to update my application because I didn't find it fair that I had to re-apply and re-pay, but they don't do spring semester acceptances so I had to wait until March-ish time frame to find out if I would be accepted for the fall 2021 semester. After my application was updated I then received a rejection notice!!! I had to go through a whole 24-hours of pure confusion and sadness just to find out that they were rejecting my fall 2020 application (because the program was full) but my fall 2021 application was still good. Are you confused yet? Because welcome to the club πŸ˜‚. With that being said, I was also told that this was the hardest year (2020-2021) to apply for graduate school because everyone had the same idea I did apparently and continue their education during this "downtime." Or for people who already had been accepted in 2019 for the fall 2020 semester, they differed a year! So let's say this program offers 100 acceptances, well move than half of those spots were already taken from people who differed last year. Which I don't blame them, but it sucked for people like me who wanted to start in fall 2020. So I ended up applying to 3 programs, 2 within the school of journalism and the individualized study program of Gallatin. And sadly, I only got into one program and it was definitely my backup.

So what now?

Soooo... I am an NYU student. I accepted my offer to NYU School of Journalism, but I will be differing for a year because I would like to try to apply to another program one more time for the spring semester of 2021. If I get accepted to that program I will definitely switch over and start in fall 2021! If I don't get, I'll start the program I'm already in in fall 2021 as well. I wanted to definitely secure my spot because as I mentioned its a tough school to get into. NYU is ranked #4 in the country for journalism so trust me I understand the value of a degree from there. The program I was accepted too though is online and I really want to be in the city and attend class in person. So yes, I am accepted and I plan on starting in fall 2021 regardless of the program.

Are you moving to New York?

I want to say yes. Within the next year I will be moving to NYC which eeekk. But you never know what life is going to throw at you or where you'll be a year from now. All I know is for right now I want to mentally and finically prepare for any move that comes my way which is why I'm moving back home for a little bit to save up some money and start making big moves for my future.

Is your boyfriend moving with you?

Yes. New York has always been the plan so this is not new to him πŸ˜‚.

Are you moving back home after grad school?

Nope! New York or nowhere 😜 if you know, you know.

How much is grad school?

NYU is a private school, so there's no in-state or out of state tuition. Each semester is $25,000ish and you can find out more info on tuition by clicking the link here. So yeah, I'm almost done paying off my undergrad student loans so why not tack on 100k to that πŸ˜‚.

Why NYU?

As I said, New York is the place for me and NYU was my dream university to attend after high school, but it was always embedded in my that I have to go to an in-state school. I say, if you're going to have student loans, might as well have student loans at your dream school!

I think I answered all the questions that I have typically been getting asked lately, but if there's more you have feel free to ask by commenting down below! And follow me on Instagram @michelekatsaris for more up-to-date announcements!

xoxo, Michele

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