Bloguettes Summer Instagram Camp!

Arizona, USA

WOW!  The day has finally come!  The team has been working hard to put together this amazing event.  The event was to teach the Happy Campers all about photo styling, photo taking, layouts and lighting, etc.  I know for sure over 90 people showed up, but not that I was keeping track but I'm pretty sure we actually hit the triple digits!

There were five different stations set up around The Saguaro in Scottsdale, AZ.  Product Styling, Lifestyle, Food Styling, Portrait/Landscape, and Branding.  We also had 6 different teams and team leaders (I was one- go team Path Finders!)  Each station was also lead by the awesome camp directors.  The camp covered everything from the basis of editing a picture, to branding your company.

I loved the concept of this event because a lot of people don't realize the type of business that can be produced off of Instagram.  "It only takes 3 seconds for people to decide if your Instagram is attractive, make those 3 seconds count," - Lorena, Blogeuttes Co-Founder.


Not only did I have a ton of fun setting up, answering questions, taking pictures, and leading my team I learned a lot as well and had a huge amount of fun!  I had a great group and felt like I was one of the campers by being next to them and learning along the way.

By the end of the day, when we were all finished packing up and I was exhausted, I was so proud to have been apart of something this special.  What Bloguettes does is so amazing.  It's pushing me to my limits, expanding my creativity, and making me fall in love with the arts all over again.  I am extremely proud of be apart of this team this summer and glad that I was allowed to be apart of something so special.



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