Things To Do This Fall

Things To Do This Fall
I'm sure I sound like every "basic" girl, but fall is my favorite season.  I love Christmas way more than Halloween, but the fall season has a special place in my heart.  The weather, the fashion, the colors- it's all just so wonderful.  How can anyone not love the fall time?  With a new season comes a new to-do list too!

Some of the these are narrowed down to the specific area that I live in, but that doesn't mean there aren't other events like this in your area.  If you have any other suggestions for fun things to do this season leave me a comment down below!

One.  Pumpkin Patch //  I figured I would start with an easy one, but pumpkin patches are so much fun!  Especially if you go with friends and family.  Some places will have more than just pumpkins- like Cox Farms in Northern Virginia.  This is one of my favorite traditions to do with the family.  They have food, shopping, and goats!

Two.  Drive Thru Movie //  I used to go to the drive thru movies with my cousins in Pennsylvania when I was younger and I always loved it, but they're basically extinct now.  Luckily I found one in Stephens City, and I'm dragging Omar with me to one.  Nothing like watching a scary movie from the back of a pickup truck!

Three.  Photo Shoot //  I feel as if I say this for every season, but the fall time really is the perfect time to get your friends together for a photo shoot.  Between all of the leaves changing colors and the perfect weather, this is definitely the right time to update that profile picture.

Four.  Apple Picking //  This can be a really cute and inexpensive date idea!  Plus, it's also a great background for a photo shoot.  Then you can use the apples to make a delicious fall treat, because apples just taste better dipped in chocolate and caramel.

Five.  Bonefire //  There is nothing better than a chilly night by the fireside.  Friends, drinks, smores, and big comfy blankets... just trust me, this is a must.

Six.  Black Friday Shopping //  This has slowly become one of my favorite things to do in November.  I don't go crazy like other people though.  I enjoy the night.  I get my Starbucks and roam from store to store.  People watching is so entertaining and if I happen to get a few discounted items along the way I can't really complain.

Seven.  Hiking //  I am always down for a good hike, but the fall time is the best time to do this.  It's not too hot, not too cold, but just right.  It's a great workout and the spectacular view is always worth it.

Eight.  Creative Projects //  If you're like me and have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to DIY's then this is the time to actually do them.  Make that fall DIY or start your bullet journal.  Whatever it is you've been wanting to do, make the time and do it.

These are just a handful of things that you can do this fall, but of course there's so much more.  What are some items on your fall to do list?  Let me know by commenting down below.

xoxo, Michele


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