Activities That Won't Break The Bank

Activities That Won't Break The Bank

I can't stand the idea that having a good day means you have to spend a lot of money. That's the furthest thing from the truth. Some of my most fun days are just my friends and I hanging out doing nothing. Today I'm sharing 10 activities that you can do year-round for little to no money.

Activities That Won't Break The Bank
Activities That Won't Break The Bank
Activities That Won't Break The Bank

1. Photoshoots–Something I always do with my friends. All you need a is a camera (shoot, even an iPhone) and some good lighting.
2. Ice Cream–an inexpensive treat that makes any day better
3. Picnics–It has to be a nice day, but you can easily pack up some cheese and wine and enjoy a nice day outside.
4. Sports–My friends and I love getting together to play soccer, football, kickball, etc. It is so much fun and a day filled with laughter.
5. Game Night–Another thing my friends and I are constantly doing. Though sometimes these nights can get too competitive, they're still a lot of fun.
6. Coffee–Another inexpensive way to meet up with someone and catch up.
7. Thrifting–I love a good thrift shop!
8. Spa Day–Reach to the back of your beauty closet and use those face masks for an at-home spa day.
9. Movies–I'm not talking about a Friday night where tickets cost $14.. look up which theater has $5 movie days!
10. Local Events–This is seriously an underrated thing, look up local farmers markets, carnivals, concerts and other events. I would bet that your city is hosting something for you to attend.

xoxo, Michele

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