Books I Want To Read

Books I Want To Read

In case you guys can’t tell, I like to read. I really love fiction books because it can take you into a whole new world sometimes, but I also really like biographies by my favorite celebrities. It really just depends on what I feel like diving into at the time. Even though I have a stack as tall as me of books I need to read, I have some that I haven’t even purchased yet but are definitely on my to-buy list.

‘The Actor’s Life: ASurvival Guide’ by Jenna Fischer // I love The Office which means I love the actors and actresses from the series. Jenna Fischer came out with a book last year and I have just been dying to get my hands on it. It’s all about her story of how she got to The Office, her time on the show, and life after. I mean come on, it’s an inside view of Pam Beasley’s life.

‘One More Time’ by B.J. Novak // Going off of Jenna Fischer’s book, I also really want to read ‘One More Time’ by B.J. Novak. It’s literally a collection of fiction stories and I’m all about it. My favorite author Stephen Chbosky came out with a  book like this called Pieces and it was really good. I’d love to see what kind of stories Novak came up with.

‘Pretty Mess’ by Erika Jayne // Who doesn’t love Erika Jayne I first became of fan of hers from The Real Housewives and she is just flawless. Her life is so interesting and unique. I’m sure her autobiography would be exactly that too.

‘The Summer We Read Gatsby’ by Danielle Ganek // Honestly, the title is what captured my attention. It’s a fiction book about when two estranged sisters inherit a beach house in the Hamptons. They literally start to live a life like Gatsby and restore their relationship. This book sounds so intriguing and I can’t wait to read it!

‘The Liar, the Bitchand the Wardrobe’ by Allison Kingsley // Again, the title just speaks to me. Also, when you look under similar novels ‘White Girl Problems’ by Babe Walker comes up and that is one of my ultimate favorite books ever. Anyways, ‘The Liar, the Bitch and the Wardrobe’ by Allison Kingsley is a fiction novel about a wallflower type of girl who lands her dream job with a fashion photographer and is learning just how you have to claw your way to the top. I love it already and I haven’t even purchased it yet.

‘I’ve Got Your Number’ by Sophie Kinsella // This fiction book is about a girl named Poppy who not only loses her engagement ring, but also her phone. It’s a fast-paced story with so many twist and turns to it. Sounds like the perfect story to add to my collection.

‘Brooklyn Girls’ by Gemma Burgess // Anything about New York automatically captures my attention. This fiction book is a story about a group of friends living their best lives in NYC.

Psychos’ by Babe Walker // I didn’t even know another masterpiece by Babe Walker was out yet until recently. I don’t know if I’ll even wait to buy this online, I might just head to the book store ASAP. If you haven’t read ‘White Girl Problems’ by Babe Walker I suggest you start there.

Do any of these books sound interesting to you? Do you have any that I should add to my list? Let me know by leaving a comment down below.

xoxo, Michele


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