Baublebar Gemstone Collection

Baublebar Gemstone Collection

I love Baublebar, it's where my mom got my nameplate necklace from and my coordinate ring. The quality of their pieces are so nice and the prices are completely reasonable too. Their Alidia Ring has surfaced a lot lately and when I checked it out for myself I instantly fell in love. I actually love this ring so much I'm considering purchasing all six shades. That's insane, but each one is just so unique.  One night I was browsing the Baublebar website and I realized that they currently have a lot of gemstone pieces out that I am obsessed with.

As I mentioned the Alidia Ring is my favorite! This collection is just so unique and different that I had to share with you all my favorite pieces from the website. If anyone still needs to get me a birthday gift, this is a great start ;)!

xoxo, Michele


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