Meeting Capital Cities!

The title says it all, I MET CAPITAL CITIES.  Rocio won some tickets on the radio and we got to go to a private concert where afterwards we got to have drinks, take pictures, and talk to the band.

Forget touching Ryan Merchants hand at the Sweet Life Festival, I got to meet him! Fan girling at its finest.

Again, they were amazing performers and we weaseled our way up to the front.  It was like a private party.  I never thought that we would win radio tickets, but I am glad we did!

The band is really chip and didn't mind all the pictures or conversations going on.  They were even letting people buy them drinks.  This was the night before they opened for Katy Perry and I think it was just so great of them to put on a private concert for some hardcore fans.  It goes to show that not only are they good at what they do, but they care about the fans too.


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