What You Get When You Google Michele Katsaris . . .

Have you ever wondered what came up when you Google yourself?  Well, I've googled myself once or twice, or maybe a few more times.  However, since I have started building my online portfolio a bit more lately I wondered what showed up when I googled 'Michele Katsaris."  This is what I got . . . (click the pictures to see actual link)

So obviously all of my social media websites came up, that's a given.  I was surprised that a lot of my high school stuff came up.  I was in a ton of clubs and sports teams.  So you can see my high school theatre got some articles written about us.  The varsity soccer team & cross country records came up as well! A lot of my blog postings showed up as well as the blog post I did for my internship at the Manassas Park Community Center.  Also my title as at the Marketing Manager for the Manassas Young Marines (I designed that website btw)!  Look- that's me on CollegePrepster! Sadly, my Grandpa's obituary came up as well, man I miss him.  I stopped after like the seventh page when a bunch of the links turned into Greek websites- ha!  It was awesome to look back at some of my accomplishments and nice to see that there wasn't anything too embarrassing! 

What do you get when you Google your name?


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