Trying To Pack A Fun Summer In Just A Weekend.

To celebrate my last few nights in Virginia my friends rallied together to make sure that I had a fun packed weekend.  We started Friday night in D.C. with a good group of friends.  We ran around the town, danced all night, laughed all night, and ate some really good pizza!

Next on Saturday, we celebrated Austin's 21st Birthday.  It was quite a sad day, but also a nice day as all of his closest friends gathered together to celebrate one of the best people we knew.

The fun didn't stop there though, that night I drove down to Lake Anna and spent all day with the family.  Did I mention that I bought a GoPro camera?  Best purchase I have ever made!

Every day after I got back from Lake Anna I had people coming over, going out to dinners, and sharing some special memories before I have to leave to Arizona on Wednesday.  I am seriously going to miss my family and friends over the summer, but a part of me is also really excited to go.


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