Road Trip Diaries (Part One)!

Arizona, USA

With my favorite state being ridiculously in arms reach of me this summer I decided to take the last 5 days to travel to California before I head back East.  I've done the calculations and seeing as how I will be leaving from Chandler, AZ and heading to San Francisco, CA I've got a bit of a trip ahead of me.  An 11 hours and 10 minutes trip to be exact, but who's counting?  Since I will have my travel companion, Lumpy, with me I figured I better make use of the 5 days I have ahead of me.  That is why I am super excited to announce that I will be going on a Mini-ish Road Trip to California this tomorrow!  Leaving bright and early Friday morning and heading to see one of my oldest friends on the West Coast.  What is there to do on the way though?  I mean I know I'll have to stop and get gas and food once or twice but what if there's a bomb ice cream shop or a cool mountain on the way?  I need to be prepared.  I am preparing the best way that I know how, by downloading apps to help me along this crazy adventure.  I've done my research and found the best apps to help me make the most of the long road that is ahead.  Here is what I found:

Waze //  This app was actually introduced to me by my advisor this summer Shanna, seeing as how she took her own trip to Cali earlier this summer and said that this app saved her life.  I mean having a GPS built into your phone is great and all but the iOS Maps just don't tell me about traffic jams and that's a big deal.  When Shanna went to Cali the bridge was closed down and she was so excited to have the Waze app because it redirected her and saved her from doubling her time on the road.

AroundMe // Literally the perfect road trip app because it tells me what's around me at that moment.  What if I'm getting gas and didn't know there was an awesome taco place like two miles down the road?  I don't think I could ever forgive myself!  This app list banks, arms, coffee shops, bars, restaurant, concerts, gas stations, hospitals, hotels, movie theaters, pharmacies, supermarkets, taxis, and even what the weather is like from my exact location and all around me too.  Definitely a must have app for a long distance trip.

Hotel Tonight //  This app is very convient incase I don't make the full trip in one day.  You just open up the app and it will list several hotels with vacant rooms and the price.  Best part? You can book the room straight from the app!  "Finding the greatest last minute values for you." 

Sweet Spot //  If you have a sweet tooth like me, download this app now.  Even if you're not going on a road trip, this is a must need app!  Open the app and it will pin drop bakery, ice cream shops, candy stores, etc.  The pin drops aren't just ugly red dots either, their cupcakes!  Not only do I love the name of this app I love the way it's designed. 

Where To Go //  This app is loads of fun.  It's a lot like the AroundMe app because it gives you a list of things that are around you such as restaurnts, museums, etc.  Why this is one is a requirement for road trips though, because it's destination roulette.  You just shake your phone, and it gives you ideas of where to stop!  Hands free fun!

Road Trippers // This app maps our your trip for you, guesstimates on how much you'll pay for gas along the way, and then you can add a bunch of restaurants and what not along the way.  Why this app is a bit different from the rest, it pin points all your locations along the way- hello virtual travel diary!

If you guys can think of any other apps I should download to make this trip memorable let me know! I will be updating along the way!


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