23 Facts About 23 Year Old Me

Washington, DC, USA
23 facts about 23 year old me

I did a post like this back on my 21st birthday, but so much has changed since then and I figured it was time to update this.  I'm a very unique individual and I have a ton of different interests.  So much has happened within the past two years, I don't even know where to begin!  I'll try my best though, so let's get started.

1 // I recently moved to North Carolina to live with my amazing boyfriend.
2 // I was in a terrible car accident (not my fault) last summer and it resulted in my Mustang getting totaled.
3 // I am scheduled to graduate from ODU in December of this year! #gomonarchs
4 // Yes, my brother and I do attend the same college.
5 // I got a job as a Marketing Director at a photography studio in NC.
6 //  I have a pet hedgehog named Lumpy.
7 //  I get home sick very easily.
8 // Whenever I'm feeling stressed out I like to play solitaire on my phone.  It relaxes me.
9 // Omar and I bought Uno before we bought a couch.
10 // My current obsession is otters.  They're so cute.
11 //  My next pet is going to be a bengal kitten.
12 //  I can type 101+ words per minute.  See me.
13 //  The internship I had last summer in Arizona was the best experience of my life.
14 //  My favorite type of cake is German Chocolate Cake (yum!).
15 // I will NEVER go back to a pc or windows.  Team Apple all the way.
16 // My favorite superhero is Batman.
17 //  My longest friendship is of 15 years (Hi Gabe!).
18 //  I actually love getting mail.
19  // I never go to sleep before 11pm.  No matter how hard I try.
20 //  My favorite store on the planet is Tiffany & Co.
21 // By best friend's birthday is 5 days after mine.
22 //  I love the month of February.
23 //  I love spending my birthday with my family, they always know how to make me smile and feel special.

xoxo, Michele


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