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So much has happened since the last time I posted a Links I Love.  The main thing that happened though is that Omar and I learned that our pup, Oliver..... is not smart.  Like at all.  Like possibly born without a brain.  You think I'm kidding?  I'm not.  Our brilliant pup thought it would be a good idea to jump out of a moving car window.  He was on my lap one minute then out the door within a split second!  Poor pup broke his leg and is in a cast.  Good news is he's healing fast and isn't in any pain.  Bad news, is well the bills.  I guess that's life though.  You think you've got a smart puppy then you find out (the hard way) that you don't.  This week I decided to sit down and pull a collection of Links I Love talking about The Office, a fab DIY, and some beauty tips.

One.  The Office Casting Videos //  If you know me you know that The Office is hands down my favorite television show.  I've watched all the seasons multiple times.  I can talk about that show for hours.  Jim's pranks on Dwight have to be the highlight of the show, but do you ever wonder who else auditioned for those roles?  I mean it just wouldn't make sense if John wasn't Jim and Rain wasn't Dwight.  Am I right?

Two.  The Foundation Golden Rule //  I recently became aware of this "golden rule" when it comes to foundation.  It seems so simple and yet, how have I not tried it yet?

Three.  If Instagram Captions Were Honest //  I about fell out of my seat when I read this.  Teen Vogue has done it again with the hilarious and completely true article about if college girls were honest in the caption of the picture they are posting.  #toofunny

Four.  How To Stay Productive From Home //  I do my school online.  Most of my job is online.  My blog is online.  Sometimes I feel like my life is online.  Which in a way I guess it is.  However, that being said that means I'm stuck in the apartment all day long.  Except for when I take Oliver on a walk, which could you imagine if we had adopted a cat instead?  Yikes-  I'd never leave! This article breaks down how you can stay productive and inspired even from home.

Five.  DIY Straw Hat // How amazing is this straw hat?  I mean think of all the super cute photos that can be taken by the pool this summer?  Headed to Michael right meow.

Let me know if you have any cool links for me to check out!

xoxo, Michele

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