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Jacksonville, NC, USA

It's been a while since I did a round of Links I Love.  We've been super busy here in Jacksonville, NC.  Omar is getting ready for his second deployment, I'm finishing up my summer semester and we both just got off vacation and are so not ready to get back to the real world.  Especially since the real world involves Omar leaving in two weeks :(.  None the less, I have a ton of links I love saved up for this week!  Fun new recipes, beauty tips, and some amazing DIYs!  Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!

One.  Aloe Drinks // Did I read that correctly?  I'm all about putting aloe on those nasty sunburns, but to drink!?  I'd have to try it to believe it!

Two.  Low Halo Braid // I'm always forgetting to do something cute to my hair before I walk out the door.  It's because I always feel like I'm in such a rush.  However this braid might just become my new go-to!

Three.  Best Makeup Tips For The Summer //  Between the best bronzers for summer, the no-makeup makeup, and the bases for all day wear, buying makeup can get sort of confusing.  These articles help you find the best makeup for your skin during the summer!

Four.  Holographic Vase //  With the summer times comes gorgeous flowers!  Spruce up your blooms with this adorbs DIY!

Five.  How To Get A Job Based On Your Dreams Not Your Degree // This article was amazing.  Sometimes I hate school because it's just an expensive piece of paper.  It's something you have to do, but I've learned it doesn't matter what your degree is in, you can get a job in just about anything if you work hard enough towards it.  Great read for recent graduates!

Six.  The College Prepster Makeover //  I've been gushing about The College Prepster for a while now on here, but Carly just redid her blog and it looks AH-MAZING!  It not only fits her style to a T but it's so clean and easy to follow.  Definitely give TCP a look over!

Seven.  Best Places To Buy Stationary  // If you love notebooks and pens as much as I do you'll love this post! Stationary for the win!

Eight.  Frozen Picante Pineapple Margaritas // I usually don't like margaritas or pineapples, but these looked waaaay too good!  This is a great drink recipe for anyone who is planning to have some drinks by the pool!

Nine.  Establishing Your Voice On Social Media // Finding your niche on social media can be tough.  You want to be yourself, but also stay professional.  Bloguettes does it again when they help you

Ten.  5K Run With Star Wars //  Yeah, this would be the only way you could get me to run a 5K ever again!

Let me know if you have any cool links for me to check out!!

xoxo, Michele

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