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Links I LoveI can't believe the time has finally come! Omar and I are packing up and heading back north.  It's been an incredible experience living together in our own little home.  I'm actually sad to be leaving.  In the mean time, I've come across some fun reads that gotten me excited for new traveling plans, fall recipes, and of course some fun gossip reads.

One.  Bughead // Just like millions of other people in this country, I have hopelessly fallen in love with Riverdale and it's cast.  KJ Apa's accent is to die for and Camilia Mendes is the definition of #goals.  What I love most about tv shows like this is when the characters that are dating on the show start to date in real life too!  I have been following the Lili and Cole train since day and and I must say- I'm shipping it.  It's possible to be jealous of Lili Reinhart right?  Cole is a total babe.

Two.  The Best Bestman //  Yes, I am completely biased because these are huskies, but I LOVE the idea of having pups as a part of a wedding party.  Just imagine how dapper Oliver would look in a tux.

Three.  Hot Cheetos Gourmet //  Booking my ticket now because a restaurant where the main ingredient is Hot Cheetos.  Tacos?  Pizza?  Pasta?  What wouldn't taste good with a pinch of Hot Cheetos?

Four.  Colur Pop Comes To Sephora //  This might be the best collaboration since JC Penny's and Olsenboye.  I love Colour Pop, but sometimes I forget they exist because it's an exclusively online store.  Not anymore though!  Say goodbye to your paycheck, because now you can buy your favorite brand at the mall.

Five.  Prosecco Pong //  This seems like the type of party game that Blair Waldorf would be playing and I am all for it!  It's such a simple idea, but seriously it's perfection.

Six.  Lush Subscription Boxes //  This is a dream come true.  Lush is one of my all time favorite stores, but the closest one is in Tyson's Corner (my NOVA people, you understand the struggle).  I am living for this subscription box service though.  New bath bombs every month?  Yes, please!

Seven.  The Shameless Cast //  Another cast that I absolutely adore is the Shameless cast.  I FINALLY caught up on the entire show on Netflix and now like the rest of fans, I am anxiously waiting for season eight.  Stuff like this though makes the wait so much harder!

Eight.  New Movie Releases //  I haven't been this excited for a movie in a very long time.  A live action Winnie The Pooh movie is coming to theaters and I get goosebumps everytime I watch the trailer.  Also, stop everything because there will be a Nightmare Before Christmas sequel and I can feel the happiness through my bones.  All hail The Pumpkin King!

Nine.  Harry Potter World //  Everytime I see a post about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter I immeditely want to start planning a trip back to Florida.  This new ride sounds spectacular, spooky, and very dark arts-y.

Ten.  Stevie + Lana //  I didn't think a song could sound more beautiful, but these two goddesses sang together and the world melted.  On repeat!

Eleven.  Vegan Fast Food //  I am all for this idea.  A fast food restaurant dedicated to vegan food.  Of course, something like this would most likely open up in LA or New York before it ever hits Northern Virginia.  Here's hoping I can go through a drive thru without feeling guilty in the near future!

Twelve.  Willy // This guy's college education is CLEARLY working because he learned how to smuggle his dog back to college with him.  This guy deserves a scholarship or free Chipotle or something.

Thirteen.  Fall Desserts //  I absolutely love fall time.  I'm sure I sound very basic saying that, but it's always been true.  One of my favorite things about it is all of the creative sweets that come out each year.  Disney is defintely is releasing pumpkin Mickey waffles and M&M's have candy corn and now cookies & cream flavors!

Fourteen.  Couple of Thrones  //  I don't care what anyone says but Jon Snow + Khalessi  will end up together!!!  If you don't believe it.. see this post for yourself.

Fifteen.  Chuck Bass Lives //  There has been so much talk about this new show on Netflix that is basically the British version of Chuck Bass.  Let me tell you, they aint wrong.  White Gold is hilarious and the very first opening scene is Ed Westwick dancing in his undies.

xoxo, Michele


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