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Links I Love
Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I did some round ups of interesting stories and articles I’ve come across. It’s been so crazy with the move (don’t worry blog post to come), I’ve barely even been on Facebook and Pinterest this past month. Oliver is adjusting well to the new place and his new daycare in McLean. I am also in the process of a really big transition for the blog (more to come on that later) and Omar is finishing up his first semester of college.  So yeah, we’ve been pretty busy. Now that summer is right around the corner, I’ve seen a lot of cool articles about traveling and beach destinations that I thought I would share with you guys today!

One. Pink Convertible Float // This floatie is everything!! Can’t you just picture me floating around the lake in this bad boy? I sure could. $130 isn’t too bad right? RIGHT!?

Two. Memes // These two memes had me DYING of laughter. This first one is just so true because I don’t trust any other mechanic other than my dad… and he’s not even a mechanic. The next one you will appreciate if you’re a Friends fan *insert Janice laugh here.*

Three. Fantastic Beasts 2 Trailer // I just got goosebumps watching this. I can’t WAIT forthis movie to come out! I love the first one so much and I can’t even imagine how they’re going to top it.

Four. Vampire Diaries and Originals Spin-Off // If this rumor is true than I am all about it. I love Alaric and I would love to see if they bring back some of the original VD cast for this too.

Five. Dogtopia // I really just wanted to share this adorable picture of Oliver at daycare.

Six. Lacoste for Endangered Species // This was an incredible thing of Lacoste to do. They replaced their famous alligator logo with other endangered animal species. I really want the tiger one!!!

Seven. Otters // I love a good otter video and this one was just too adorable not to share.

Eight. Jackie Kennedy at Moschino // This fashion show was the highlight of New York Fashion Week. I love the old school Jackie Kennedy vibes it gave and the items were pretty amazing.

Nine. KKW x MarioCollab // It’s not that this is just a Kim Kardashian collab, it’s that it involves her makeup artist Mario. I found his message on Instagram announcing this collab very moving. He worked hard to get to where he is today even though people doubted him. I’m more excited for this collab because it’s for him, not for Kim. Plus, the makeup is gorgeous!

Ten. Traveling Pup // I am in love with this little guy. A puppy that was once abandoned and starving is now traveling the world with his owner and eating at really cool restaurants. Go follow him on IG because he is just perfect!

xoxo, Michele


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