Weird Things I Do In Public

Washington, DC, USA
Weird Things I Do In Public
As a blogger, I tend to think a little differently from other people. I definitely do some things that seem odd in public, but are totally normal to me. I’m pretty sure just about any creative person who has a platform such as a blog or YouTube can relate to this. Here are a few things I do in public.

Full On Photoshoots // This was something I definitely had to get used to because it is a little odd when you’re in full glam and a bomb looking outfit and taking pictures in front of strangers.  I’ve definitely gotten used to it by now, but it was still weird at first. Now, it’s like hey take this picture I have an idea and I couldn’t care less what people think now.

Writing Things Down // Do you remember how Jimmy Neutron used to have “brain blast.” I feel just like that when I’m in public and I’ll stop what I’m doing and stare off into nothing. It’s because I was just hit with an idea for a blog post and I have to write it down right away.

Pose With Food I Don’t Actually Eat // 9 times out of 10 I will eat whatever food I buy, but of course I’m going to take pictures with it first. However, there are occasional times where I will buy food just for the picture. For instance, The Ugly Photoshoot Location Challenge I didn’t eat that taco at all. Danya’s the one who bought it, but she didn’t eat it either. Maybe it’s not that weird then.

Point Out Colorful Walls // I definitely have Bloguettes to thank for this one, because ever since we literally drove around town looking for pretty walls to take pictures in front of, I have a new appreciation for colorful walls and murals. Now anytime I see a mural or a brightly painted wall, I will 100% want to stop to take some photos.

These are just a few things that I know most people don’t do in public and it may look really weird to others. What do you think- am I missing anything?

xoxo, Michele


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