26 Things On My Bucket List

Washington, DC, USA

I turn 26 today and that sounds just as crazy writing it as it does saying it out loud. Even though I feel so much older, I know technically I'm still young. I have a lot I want to do in this life and it's just easier to accomplish goals if you have them written down (or in my case, if you have the whole Internet holding you accountable for them). So here's to my 26th year with 26 things I plan to cross off my bucket list.

1. Visit Greece
2. Move to New York
3. Become Editor In Chief of a magazine
4. Visit Ireland
5. Visit every state in America at least once
6. Own a wildlife sanctuary
7. Land a minor role in a television show, movie or Broadway show
8. Have my blog become successful
9. Own a pet tiger
10. Buy my parents a beach house
11. Ride in a hot air balloon
12. Attend the Washington Redskins next Super Bowl game
13. Write a novel
14. Visit every continent at least once
15. Own three homes (one in New York, one in California and a vacation home in Hawaii)
17. Own my own skincare line
18. Own a Bengal Cat
19. Stay in an ocean hut in Bora Bora
20. Sell my own Lightroom presets
21. Go skydiving
22. Visit all Disney resorts
23. Learn to surf
24. Visit all famous major bodies of waters (waterfalls, lagoons, Dead Sea, etc)
25. Fly a plane

xoxo, Michele


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