I Wrote An Article: Why Do We Travel?

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I Wrote An Article: Why Do We Travel?

For the month of October 2019 I didn't have an interview lined up, so I decided to tackle this one head on. There's this trend about millennials and traveling, especially with everything going on right now, the way millennials are reacting to travel so vastly different from older generations. It's fascinating really. I researched and reached out to travel instagram accounts to put this article together. Enjoy my first article called "Why Do We Travel?" I also wrote an online article called "4 Must-Have Travel Apps" click the link here to read it.

*Disclaimer: To start off, I work at Salvation Army National Headquarters in the publications department. The magazine I work on is called War Cry. I will be doing a post later on about my job and what it's like working for a non-profit, but that post will be later on. I do feel I need to add a disclaimer here, I am not a religious person so when I took this job I did my research and made sure that my personal values and opinions weren't being compromised. I can proudly say they are not (don't let one idiot skew your opinion of the millions of people who work for a company) and I'm pretty proud of the work and accomplishments I've made while working here. I am the Assistant to the Editorial Director, but I do so much more than an assistant's work. My managers have really entrusted me with a lot of responsibility and anything I can do to enhance my skill set and build my portfolio I take the opportunity to do so. Though I am not a religious person, the people I do interview are and the questions recall faith-inspired answers.

I Wrote An Article: Why Do We Travel?

 Photo of Iceland Northern Lights by Instagram: @sayingyesis

According to a recent study done by Robert Reitknecht, “85% of millennials say that venturing out of their comfort zones and learning new things is a priority, right behind dining (91%), fun attractions (90%) and sightseeing (88%). More than 70% of millennials worldwide believe that travel is an important part of who they are as a person. Millennials even rank travel as more important than buying a home or paying off debt (Robert Reitknecht, “Key Statistics on Millennial Travel Trends”).” 

Wanting to understandwhere their family lineage comes from is another reason the younger generations are packing their bags. Revisiting some of the same places your ancestors once experienced gives you a sense of belonging in this world, which can be lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

It’s noted that millennials want a healthy understanding of the world and the multicultural universe they live in. Seeing firsthand that “there’s so much more out there” grounds and humbles them.

The truth is, millennials aren’t taking their downtime before starting careers and families for granted. They’re finding new and faster ways to save money for a trip using the internet to their advantage. And the payoff is that they are more attuned to the wonderful, diverse and expansive universe. Travel is an opportunity to appreciate life itself as a journey, whether far or near, to discover who we really are in this world.

Credit: This story originally appeared on thewarcry.org

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