DIY Beaded Phone Straps + Bracelets

Washington, DC, USA

DIY Beaded Phone Strap

Crossing another bucket list item with this simple and throwback DIY. I haven't made breaded bracelets in years and the beaded phone strap trend is back and I am here for that as well. So we made some super cute beaded phone straps and bracelets as a cute summer accessory.

DIY Beaded Phone Strap
DIY Beaded Phone Strap
DIY Beaded Phone Strap
DIY Beaded Phone StrapDIY Beaded Phone Strap
DIY Beaded Phone Strap

I really don't need to explain how to make the bracelets, but I will say buying the "stretchy" chord was such a good choice. Don't just buy the cheap string because 1. it doesn't expand or go on the wrist easily and 2. it's not as sturdy. It will fray which makes it hard to put the beads on. Besides that, making beaded bracelets was just a lot of fun!

DIY Beaded Phone Strap
DIY Beaded Phone Strap
DIY Beaded Phone Strap
DIY Beaded Phone Strap

Now the phone straps—this took some concentration. These beaded phone straps have become super trendy and they give me total 2000s phone charm vibes, so I'm not mad about it. However, I'm not going to pay $20+ for beads and a string šŸ˜…. So first we had to find the right kind of string for the phone straps. I used a thicker rubber-like one as well as a thing "non-stretchy" string. There were pros and cons of both which I'll go over, but overall it was pretty easy to make. So the thick rubber-like chord is obviously thicker so you can't fit smaller beads on it and when it came time to tie the chord to the phone case it looks bulkier and sticks out a bit more. Luckily my friend Jackie (pictured above) helped me tie it securely so it doesn't fall off. The thin chord frayed all the time so I had to keep cutting it, but I was able to fit the smaller beads on it. Make sure when you're done you leave some extra room because you're going to tie the string around the volume part of your phone case. Make sure you tie it really well too because you don't want it to fall (especially if you're holding the phone strip and then it breaks and your phone falls. And when you're ready to switch it out for a new one just be careful so beads don't go falling everywhere.

The most important thing I can tell you if you're going to do this DIY is just have fun. If you overthink it or try to make it perfect it's not going to work and you'll get frustrated. This was really just a throwback DIY I wanted to do this summer to have some fun and I'm glad I did because these phone straps and bracelets are so cute! And they give me a pop of color and something to smile at when I'm in the office.

xoxo, Michele

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