November Recap

Topsail Beach, NC, USA
November Recap

Another month, another recap. November was one of the best months I've had lately. It was the perfect balance between work and personal days. Plus winter and Christmas is right around the corner which is my favorite holiday and some new changes are happening soon I literally can't wait to share so be sure to stay tuned!

November Recap
November Recap
November Recap
November Recap
November Recap
November Recap
November Recap
November Recap

Highs: My high is definitely the North Carolina trip with my family this month. It's always a favorite of mine and I really decompress and get a lot of personal and blog work done during this trip.

Lows: I feel so bad that my highs and lows have been so lame the past few months. I wish I had exciting things happening every month but I just don't. Life just kind of is. I work and sleep and work some more. My low is that life is about to be amazing in the upcoming months so the fact that I have to be patient and I'm a very impatient person...that would be my low.


"November 9" by Colleen Hoover // This book. THIS. BOOK. One of the best books I have read in a very long time. The concept of this book was so unique and unlike anything else I have ever read. Yes there were some flaws, yes it wasn't perfect grammatically and the ending was still a little bit rushed and left me with more questions...but the idea of this book was just so well thought out and it's WAY better than "It Ends With Us." I said what I said.

Oversized Hoodies // I purchased a couple of men's size medium hoodies at Marshalls and I'm never going back. They are the softest most coziest things and I will be living in them for the rest of the year.

Criminal Minds // I finally am catching up on Criminal Minds because anything after season 12 was not on Netflix. I'm almost done with season 13 now and I'm not ready for it to end 😭.

Legacies // Another tv show favorite, the second spin-off from The Vampire Diaries that follows Hope Mikaelson at the Salvatore Boarding School...and this season just got soooo good.

Links I Love

Nina Dobrev Wired Interviews // Nina is such a gracious person. Her answers were funny, elegant and witty. I love the "autocomplete questions" and the fact that she's able to talk about her days on The Vampire Diaries.

Sex and the City AirBnB // Carrie Bradshaw's apartment is officially available on AirBnB. It's going to book up quickly but for good reason...have you seen that closet?

Girl Boss Town TikTok // This girl does PR moves she would make if she was a part of the PR team for celebrities and companies and honestly she's a freaking genius. Go binge watch all her videos now.

Morgan Yates Videos // Morgan Yates turned her home into Hogwarts for Halloween and it was EPIC. She documented it on TikTok and Youtube so be sure to check it out!

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Interview // Okay maybe not an interview with them directly but we love a throwback moment especially when it involves Jordan from Holiday in the Sun 😅.

TikToks // Millennials and their MySpace songs, What your favorite Pokémon song says about you, This mini dollhouse is so creative, Scooby Doo Mystery Van Loungefly backpack (add this to my wishlist please!), While we're talking about adding things to my wishlist include this Pokémon rug, Wolf of Wall Street's opinion on Leo portraying him, Animal Crossing cake looks too good to eat, This Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman video is hilarious 😂, This Scooby Doo Mystery Van cat costume is everything, Actors who play villains but I will never like them in real life, This hippo sketch is so cute, This TikTok that makes fun of Holidays is freaking hilarious and so true, If you had braces then you understand this 😂, Paul Wesley making fun of the fact that his face is used in stock photos 😂, Why you can't complain about life to your dad lmao, This mom did not hold back with attacking our hearts, This takes up so much time as an adult (it's so true it hurts), Making a Bulbasaur in real life—I love this, This Pokémon Gameboy tattoo is freaking awesome, Morning manifestations from a millennial, Nina Dobrev's funny story, Custom Bratz Doll but make it ~spooky~, How do you know what to get from the grocery store? Asking all adults please, An opinion about Harry Potter and their patronus (yes, thank you), 90's Pop-Up Experience (why is nothing this cool in DC), I 1000000% agree with this opinion about people who thinks "late" is a personality trait

Animal TikToks // This pup got all the tennis balls, This dog goes Trick-or-Treating, I love this dog's fortune teller costume 😍, For Halloween this pup's owner dressed him up as his favorite toy Perry the Platypus 🥺, Reading the allergy test results to their dogs, This dog in the bath is miserable 😂, Becoming an aunt to a dog—I would do this, Dog waves his little foot to say "hi," 


"November 9" by Colleen Hoover | Danskin Low Cut Socks | Steve Madden Socks | Neutrogena Clear Pore Toner | Starface Glow Star Pimple Patches | Starface Cyber Star Pimple Patches | Hot/Cold Compression Eye Mask | Method Beauty Pure Peace Body Wash | Function of Beauty Curly Hair Conditioner | Kindful Biscuits with Oats & Real Chicken | Harry Potter and the Sorcer's Stone Minalima Limited Edition Interactive Book | Kristin Ess Purple Shampoo | Kristin Ess Signature Conditioner | Target Dollar Spot Ski Lodge Dish Towels | Target Dollar Spot Ski Lodge Glass Mugs | Disney Sorry Board Game | Spider-Man Monopoly  | Rick & Morty Hoodie | 6pck Canvases | Rachel Zoe Studded Hoop Earrings | Heart of Harlow Knotted Gold Chain | Disney Characters Holiday T-Shirt | Rainbow Photo & Craft Organizer | Harry Potter Book OrnamentTravel Sticker Pack | 40pc Flower Stickers | Vintage Stamp Stickers | 40pc Butterfly Stickers | USA State Postcard Stickers | 1 Roll Mixed Pattern Decorative Tape | 100pc Stamp Stickers | Vintage Newspaper Stickers | 1 Roll Random Vintage Stamp Decorative Tape | SheIn Slogan Graphic Hoodie | SheIn Embroidered Pull Over Sweater | Evil Eye Pattern Phone Case | Tag Pattern Phone Case | Baby Embroidered Sweater | Heart & Flower 3pc Ring Set | Yu-Gi-Oh T-Shirt | Yu-Gi-Oh Millennium Puzzle Piggy Bank | White Sweatpants | Hanes Grey Sweatpants | Hanes White Zip Up Jacket | Rick & Morty Tye-Dye Crewneck Sweater | "Ugly Love" by Colleen Hoover | Rick & Morty Left, Right, Center Game | 5 Seconds Game | Hero Cosmetic Pimple Patches | Limited Too Initial "m" Petite Bag | Disney Rubber Ducks | Candy Cane Pen | Tape Runner | Nutcracker Candles | Scrabble Tiles for Crafting | Pinecone Ornaments | Bath & Body Works Stress Relief Hand CreamBath & Body Works Dry Hand Relief Hand Cream | Bath & Body Works Sleep Relief Hand Cream | Bath & Body Works White Pumpkin Chai Body LotionBath & Body Works Gingham Body Spray | MoodyGirl Chocolate | Frenchie Cooling Bandanas | Frenchie LeashFrenchie Marble Fanny Pack | Frenchie Dog Collar | The Fox & The Hound Coffee Mug | Disney Princess Castle Blind Box Pins | Inis Body Oil | Inis Gift Trio | Juicy Couture Jumpsuit

xoxo, Michele

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