My Thoughts On Meal Delivery Services

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My Thoughts On Meal Delivery Services

Since I'm a vegetarian and I really hate cooking, I decided to test out the multiple different meal delivery services. I tested out all of the most popular meal delivery services out there and now that I have I'm here to share the pros and cons of each one!

Blue Apron 3.5/5 (rating)

I had tested out Blue Apron years ago when I lived in North Carolina. I actually received free boxes because at the time my mom was also doing this service and was giving me free boxes. Since this was my first experience with a meal delivery service I was easily impressed. Everything came right on time and nothing was ever missing. The recipe and instruction cards were clear and the recipes were super easy to make!

Once my free trial was over though I simply could not afford the prices. I think this was around the time that Blue Apron started becoming really popular so their prices sky rocketed. And even though the food was good and they gave you MORE than enough food (seriously we had left overs for days), the vegetarian recipes were not my thing. I'm a "carbatarian" and I love carbs and cheese, I really don't like vegetables so the Blue Apron vegetarian recipes weren't that great to me. 

When I went to cancel my service it was SO easy. The customer service team was so helpful and it was easy to navigate the website. I'm sure things have changed since I tried Blue Apron, but this was my review of it when I first tried it. Besides the prices I give Blue Apron a 4/5.

Freshly 2.0/5

This review can only come from my boyfriend because I did not eat anything from Freshly. He's not a vegetarian so he got his own meal service at a time in our lives where we were slammed with work and school and had little to no time to cook or truthfully even take care of ourselves properly. 

I do remember these meals being pretty expensive in my opinion. I think he got 3 meals a week and it was over $70+ if I'm not mistaken (I could totally be mistaken though—for maybe things have changed). I get that I didn't eat these, but even my boyfriend said it wasn't all that. It lacked a lot of flavor and for the price he was paying he could have just cooked the meals himself with his own ingredients. 

Overall, it was worth it for that time in our lives—and I guess any meal delivery service is just that— convenient for whatever phase you're going through in life.

Dinnerly 3.0/5

Dinnerly was something I tried for a little bit, but obviously didn't continue it. I do think it was one of the most affordable options though at less than $50 for 3 meals a week. If you're going for price THIS is the option. But if you 're going for meal creativity... eh maybe not. 

I feel like a lot of the recipes were things I could have found on Pinterest. I think the point of meal kits are that there's new meals I've never even thought of making using ingredients I normally don't buy. But it didn't feel that way when I had a Dinnerly subscription. That being said...the point of meal kits is to make the work days easier when you just don't have time to cook/don't feel like cooking. So if it's just a time and money thing than this is the one I would suggest subscribing to. It really depends on what you're looking for in a meal kit.

I never had to deal with customer service luckily, it was very easy to just cancel my subscription.

I will be honest when I give this review...I didn't last past the free/discounted trial. This was also a few years back so I wonder if things have changed, but when I was ordering Hello Fresh it was soooo not worth it. You've heard it once and twice but I'm a vegetarian so the meals they offer for vegetarians were gross. Vegetarians like pasta and please offer more than just broccoli pleaseeeee!

Also it was expensive. And not worth it expensive. Like I could have bought cheaper vegetables and made my own meals. I hope that it's changed since the last time I tried it out...but this one gets a 2 because I guess the non-vegetarian meals are worth it...maybe..kinda.

I'm ending this review with Marley Spoon because this one is definitely my favorite. The reason for that is simple because they have the best vegetarian options. There were so much more than just roasted veggies‚ they offer pastas, veggie burgers and so much more. They also have great customer service, but I wish I didn't have to experience customer service as much as I had. Unfortunately, more times than I care to admit my boxes either came damaged or missing an item, but customer service was able to provide credit or give refunds. It was also very easy to cancel and restart my subscription when I wanted to.

Even though the food and arrival time was good‚ the price also. was snot the best. It was already kind of expensive but then the price went up twice in the year that I was getting this subscription service. It was averaging $80 a week for 2 meals! That is just a lot to me. So even though this one gets my highest review—it's totally biased because I'm a vegetarian and they had the best vegetarian options.

What meal services have you tried? Any you suggest? Comment down below!

xoxo, Michele

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