5 Things I Always Keep In My Car

Orlando, FL, USA
5 Things I Always Keep In My Car

After the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, I was forced to go back to the office three times a week. BOOOO! Luckily, that only lasted one year before I found a new full-time remote job. Phew. However, during the time of commuting 3+ hours round trip those days, I realized that there were some things I just needed to keep in my car for my own sanity.

These aren’t “necessities” by any means, these were just items I found myself using frequently during these long trips. 

  1. Hand Wipes

This is probably my #1 holy grail item that I will forever have on hand now. Hand sanitizer is not my jam, my hands feel sticky and it always smells bad. Even if you use the spray ones they then just make my hands super dry. So hand sanitizing wipes are the way to go! I used them for everything—wipe my hands, wipe up the coffee that spilled in my car, wipe my face…doesn’t matter, I would go through so many packs of these because they were just so convenient to have on hand.

  1. Chapstick

I always have to have chapstick on me and while I had probably two or three different kinds in my work bag, that was such a pain to dig through while I drove. So I started keeping one in the middle console and it has been such a convenient way to make sure I always have a chapstick nearby.

  1. Deodorant

I’m not a super sweaty person by any means, but sometimes it’s nice just to refresh yourself. Especially if you’re going from work right to an event (such as happy hour 🍸) it’s nice to touch up so you smell good and don’t feel gross from the day. I suggest having a spray deodorant for even easier touch-ups!

  1. Glasses/Sunglasses

I don’t know, I feel like this is an obvious one but you’d be surprised how many times I would get settled into my car just to realize I left my glasses inside. I suggest just having a designated pair of glasses and/or sunglasses for the car that stays in the glasses compartment for easy access 24/7. 

  1. Charger

Again, another obvious, but don’t be that person who brings their 10ft charger to and from the car every day. Just buy a cheap $5 charger from the gas station and make it your permanent “car charger.” 

What are some necessities you keep in your car? Comment down below ⬇️

 xoxo, Michele

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