Favorite Coffee Recipe At The Moment

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Favorite Coffee Recipe At The Moment

Just like most people, coffee is what starts my day. The smell of it, the first sip…everything about it just gets my day started on a positive note. Until I get that work email of course 🙃. Lately, I’ve been wanting to spice up my coffee at home game, so that 1. I can save some money 😅 and 2. So I don’t get sick of the same recipe every day.

As I enhance my barista skills I'll be sure to keep you all updated with my favorite recipes. But for now, I like to keep it simple. I prefer iced coffee over hot coffee so this is an iced coffee recipe!


Caramel iced coffee

Caramel sauce

Whip cream


1. Cover the inside of the cup with caramel sauce

2. Fill with ice (feel free to top it off with more caramel sauce)

3. Fill with coffee

4. Top with whip cream and some more caramel drizzle

5. Enjoy!

That’s it! The easiest at-home iced caramel macchiato/coffee that you can put together in less than five minutes! ☕️

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xoxo, Michele


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  1. I prefer iced coffee to hot coffee, thanks for the recipe and how to make it.



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