Frugal Date Ideas

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Frugal Date Ideas

I love date night! But I don’t love spending a ton of money šŸ˜…. My boyfriend and I are always coming up with fun date ideas that are inexpensive but memorable. Because all really you need is you and your partner to have a fun date!


Picnics are such a fun—and practically free—date idea! Of course, you may want to buy some fun snacks and drinks, but besides that, you really just need some food, a blanket, a bag, and some fun activities to do. I got a jumbo-sized checker game from the Dollar Store and then I brought my Polaroid camera to a picnic we had on Memorial Day. We brought our dog, Oliver, with us too and just had a fun little day date!

Fort Nights

We do this type of “date night” the most out of all these suggestions so you know it’s a fun one! We literally build a fort in the living room using all of our blankets and pillows, bake some cookies (or get a bowl of ice cream šŸ˜‹), and have a movie night in our fort. This is such a fun way to cuddle and have a movie night—even our dog loves fortnights!

Themed Dinner Dates at Home

We did this during the pandemic when everything was closed, but it’s something I want to do again ASAP. My boyfriend set up the living room to look like a restaurant, complete with flowers and candles on the table, and a curated playlist on our Amazon Alexa. Plus he ordered food from our favorite restaurant and set it all up so it wasn’t in take-out boxes on the pretty tablescape he had set up. Then we both got all dressed and he “picked me up” by knocking on the bedroom door to take me to the “restaurant.” We ended the night with a sunset view, wine, and dancing—all right in our living room! It was seriously the CUTEST thing ever and I love the effort he put into this. You can truly make a beautiful date with just a little creativity. Click here to see our Themed Dinner Date.

Cooking Together

Going off of “themed dinner dates” there’s also the simple task of cooking together! Stay in, pour yourself a cocktail or mocktail, and cook your favorite recipes together. And do like a full-course meal too! Think salad, appetizer, main course, and dessert. Be creative, put all tech devices away, and just unwind with one another.

Movie Night

Yes—you can have a movie night at home, but we all know that one. Make it more fun by building a fort, sure, but if you’re looking to get out of the house or see the latest Marvel movie then you’ll most likely wind up at the movie theaters. But movie theaters are crazy expensive nowadays ($15 for popcorn really?). So instead, scope out when $5 movie day is at your local theater. For us, that’s typically on Tuesdays anytime before 7 p.m.—which is fine with us because we have a bedtime, so the earlier the better šŸ˜‚. But this is a great option to get out of the house without breaking the bank!

These are just some of our favorite frugal date ideas—what are some of yours? Comment down below to give me some ideas! 

xoxo, Michele

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