My Ideal Apartment.

Lately, I have been obsessed with watching room and apartment tours on YouTube.  I love seeing how people decorate their homes because it is a direct representation of who you are as a person.  I swear when I move into my own apartment one day I am constantly going to be redecorating.  I pulled together some pictures from Pinterest to kind of show my style of how I would love my home to look.

Okay, so first off I would love if I had a 4 bedroom / 2 bath apartment.  I would have my own master bedroom with a bathroom.  An office, a guest bedroom, a guest bathroom, and the last spare bedroom I would actually convert it into a walk-in closet.  I would also love a huge kitchen and living room connecting with a balcony.  Now obviously, these apartments are expensive and I'm not saying I am getting one, but I would just love to have one like this is all I'm saying.

Now because I am that person whose closet is at capacity and yet I refuse to stop shopping- I would love to turn a spare bedroom into a huge walk in closet.  I would have all of my clothes properly displayed out in the open.  I'd have dressers for certain things like leggings or extra t-shirts.  I would have shelves that I could put my shoes on.  I would also have all purses and jewelry in their own place.  I just think having a huge closet where everything has a place would be so much better than a squished dresser that is overflowing.


The next thing would be my office.  I want a huge office in my home one day with a lot of windows so it doesn't seem like I’m stuck inside all day.  I would have the desk in the middle of the room with a Macintosh desktop computer and lots of bookcases and shelves surrounding my walls.  I would also have any awards that I have won or any particular certification up on those shelves.  I think that an office should motivate you and make you want to work hard on whatever assignment or project that you are working on.

Obviously I would want my master bedroom to be gigantic, but I want it to be all white as well.  Now, I don’t know if I trust myself until I am older with an all white bedroom, but I would love to have all white furniture with white blankets and then to add some color to my room I could add any type of colored blankets, pillows, or artwork to my room as well.  I would only want maybe one dresser in my room for my favorite pajamas and socks.  I would also want a lot of pictures in my room too.  I love having framed pictures I think it just makes the room look classy.  And of course to top it all off I would want a huge bed with a lot of fluffy blankets.  I want it to feel like I’m on a cloud!

As far as bathrooms, kitchen, and a living room go I would want them to look nice and clean all the time.  I would make sure that things are organized and stored properly since that’s what people see when they visit someone’s home.

I would always make sure that my house looked as nice as I wanted it to.  I love how homes can represent who you are as a person and I love that there are tons of different ideas out there that you can borrow from.   These are just some ideas that I like- what would your ideal home look like?

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