Myrtle Beach With My Favorite Crew.

Every year my family goes to Myrtle Beach for some fun in the sun.  This year we had doubled our normal crowd when I found out that my friends were going the same weekend.  We had a lot of adventures that week. . . everything from chipped teeth to cigarette burns.  Those might have been the down side of the week but the memories that were made, in every cliche way, were priceless.

We brought Smokey with us to Myrtle Beach and he loved it!  He was pooped from all the beach fun and slept all through the night.  He wasn't a big fan of the moving waves but he loved running down the coast playing catch.  He is seriously such a well behaved dog.

I also might have adopted another turtle and named him Charmander.

I went out at night with my friends.  We went to Broadway On The Beach which is my favorite part of Myrtle Beach.  We went bar hopping and crashed at the beach house that my friends had rented.  It was hilarious to watch all the guys in their natural habitat, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Also, we found a duck.... so yeah that happened.

The beach is my getaway place.  It's where I can just be at peace with myself.  There's no pressure from work or school.  It's the perfect vacation.  Plus, I love to lay out in the sun and swim in the salt waters.

I had a great week with the best people.  Myrtle Beach just gets better and better each year.


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