Spring Break Fever

It's officially Spring Break and my best friend came home!  Gabe has been my best friend since second grade and now that he's a Marine stationed in North Carolina, I hardly get to see him.  So when he took leave to come have an amazing Spring Break with me I was super excited.  We tore up the town that we grew up in together! 

We celebrated with other friends (and Otis) who had also came home, went out to dinner, played soccer, went to the movies, everything we used to do when we were kids.  It was great having him home for the week and I'm so glad we got to destress from school and work together.

What did you do during Spring Break?  Who is your child hood friend?  Do you still keep in touch?  I can't be the only one who still hangout with the boy who used to pull my pony tail during soccer games- let me know!


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