In Need Of A Summer Job?

For those of you who are looking for a summer job, and my opinion is completely biased here, but I highly recommend being a lifeguard.  Now, you're probably thinking- "Oh, she's only saying that because she's a lifeguard."  Well, YES!  Of course I'm saying this because I’m a lifeguard, but also because I've had other typical summer jobs and lifeguarding is definitely the best one yet.  I also have valid reasons why you should be a lifeguard . . . 

Life saving.  You get to be the hero.  I must admit, as much as I hate jumping in the water, it's also a rush to be the one to save someone.  It's scary and exciting all at once.  My friends who are studying nursing or volunteer at ems and all that good stuff should totally understand this.  You are in charge of everyone's safety and though you may seem like the bad guy when you blow your whistle, it really is in the best interest of everyone to keep them safe.

Interesting.  I have never had a dull day at work, except maybe a couple 5AM shifts, but seriously there is always something breaking down, or I have to jump in, or someone brings pizza to work, whatever it may be- there is always something going on.  Especially working at a Community Center or a Water Park, you will always come home with a story about work.

Fun.  Work is so much fun!  Think about it- you get to be in the sun all day with your coworkers (who will end up becoming some of your closest friends)!  Whenever you're not in the stand or cleaning, you have downtime and you get to talk and hangout with friends all day.  As stressful as keeping everyone safe can be, the downtime you get during your shifts are relaxing.

Extravert.  When I first started guarding I was a little freshman in high school working with all upperclassmen.  I was quiet at first until the other guards started to talk to me and before I knew it we were taking our lunch breaks together, talking on our downtime, and even hanging out after work.  I've always been outgoing in my own group of friends, but lifeguarding definitely made me more outgoing when it came to work and other social situations.  You have no choice but to get close to the people you work with, I mean you literally are with them everyday and they are the people who can relate to you about work situations the most.  You really do make some great friends on this job.

Guys & Girls in bathing suits.  Do I even need to explain this one further?

Unity.  As I said before, the people you work with become some of your closets friends, but they become more than that as well.  You and your coworkers really have to become a team.  Anyone who has played a sport will understand this best- it takes a team to score and it takes a team to save a life.  There is a reason that during in services we are always practicing 2 or more person rescuer.  Now, unless you are working a one-guard pool, you will always have another guard with you.  You need to be able to trust your guards and know that they have your back. 

Awarding.  I have never known a pool that paid lifeguards only minimum wage.  Lifeguarding requires you to have a few certifications, and your paychecks definitely make up for it in the long run.  Especially since you only have to be 15 to be a lifeguard, making more than $7.25 (at least in VA), is a huge reward because most jobs not only won't hire 15 year olds, but also definitely won't pay above the minimum wage.

Rescue ready.  Again, to be a lifeguard you need certain certifications.  Such as, First Aid, CPR, and Lifeguarding certs.  However, you can also get your Pool Operators, WSI, LGI, etc.  There are so many different certifications that you can get pertaining to whichever job you want.  Having your basics though; First Aid & CPR can come in handy at any time.  It makes you a better and stronger person to know the right skills to savings someone life in and out of the pool area.

Day Job.  If you're working at an outdoor pool this summer, the pool will most likely be open from 9AM-7PM.  This is perfect for the summer because you’re only working during the day.  This gives you crazy kids time at night to do whatever it is that you do and to get enough sleep the next morning.  These are the idle shifts for a summer job.

Now, if those aren't reasons to be a lifeguard this summer than I don't know what is!  But in all seriousness, regardless if you get a job at a pool this summer there are definitely some Do's & Don'ts that go with any job.

DO’S: Show up on time.  Cover shifts (you don't want to not ever cover for people, then when you need a cover no one can take it- Karma guys, karma).  Be in uniform.  Respect your manager on duty.  Take initiative (pick up trash, clean, what have you.  Don't wait to be told to do something).  Go above and beyond.  Try to be in a good mood (smile at patrons/customers- it will go a long way).

DON'TS:  Show up late or not at all (let people know if you're running late and ALWAYS find a cover).  Be lazy.  Goof off when it's time to be serious.  Ignore the rules and regulations.  Be unprofessional.

I really hope that even if you decide to not be a lifeguard that you do get a summer job for that extra cash in your pocket.  I have had some of the best times working over the summer and I know you will too.

Be safe and smart and dependable this summer my loves.


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