Redskins Vs. Eagles!


It's football season and my favorite NFL team is the Washington Redskins!  Since that is my Dad's favorite team and I am a Daddy's girl, it only seems fitting.  However, Omar's favorite team is the Philadelphia Eagles... boooooooo! 

One of the Christmas gifts I got from Omar was that he took me to the Redskins vs. Eagles game on December 20th.  We thought for sure we would get more mad at each other, because we both get pretty intense about our teams.  I knew that the Redskins didn't have a great chance of winning, but to my surprise, and everyone else's they actually had a really good game.

As the score kept going back and forth between the teams, Eagles would be winning one minute and then Redskins would score.  It wasn't until the last minute and I literally mean the last minute, when the Redskins intercepted the ball and scored a winning touch down!

I had a great time with Omar just like I always do.  I even won the bet since my team won!  It was hilarious and fun filled day.  Even though to this day he will admit that, "The Redskins only won because I paid the ref.  Merry Christmas Babe!"

Ps- Check out that nice jersey & beanie he got for Christmas ;) !


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