Fall Time.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons.  The chilly weather, the colorful leaves, and the transitioning of summer fun to a fresh start.  I know that January is supposed to be a new start, but for some reason the fall time always seems to be the fresh start.

The fall time started off with one of my friend's weddings.  I've only been to a couple weddings in my life, and all of them I was too young to really remember them.  This September though I got to dress up and go out with my closets friends and coworkers to celebrate the lovely couple's day.

I got a new job!  I was hired by Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry and so far I am loving it.  It's so nice to have a full time job with benefits, paid time off, a thirty minute break, and a raise.  It's definitely an upgrade!

The boyfriend came home for Thanksgiving Break!  It was so nice having him home since my family usually goes to Pennsylvania for break, I had to stay home this year because I had to work Black Friday (new job in retail and all...).  It was nice having the company and someone to share my fall festivities with.

Plaid shirts are just so much more fun in the fall.  Throw on those, some leggings and riding boots and you're ready to go to any event.  And yes, we accidentally matched... we're kinda cute like that.

What made your fall so special this year?


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