What I Got For Christmas

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What I Got For Christmas

I have played with this post for two years now because it seems so weird to write about the gifts I got for Christmas online. However, one of my favorite type of YouTube videos are the 'What I Got for Christmas' videos. It's essentially a haul video and I won't lie, things that I asked for are items that I saw in some of my favorite YouTubers past videos. I thought this year would be a good year to do it, because I've been doing a pretty good job of keeping up with my blog this year and also because I am able to link a lot of the things I got too. In the past, I've gotten items that are hard to find online, but I think I have a good amount that if you guys like the things that I got as much as I do then you can get one too!  I feel like I have to add this disclaimer that this is not a "bragging" post and I am genuinely grateful for everything that I got for Christmas. Consider this more of a haul post and a fun peak into the type of things that I like!

My family and friends always go above and beyond each year. I am extremely grateful for everyone who is in my group and just how generous everyone is. I got a wide range of gifts everything from new beauty products to clothes to home decor. I always get a handful of face masks, candles, socks, and candy, but even those seemed more personalized this year. Like the 5lb bag of gummy bears my dad got me! I swear, each Christmas just gets better and better! I'm not going to list every single thing I received, but rather some of the more bigger items so let's get started!

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Board Games



Like I said, I am so so so grateful with everything I got for Christmas. I love everything and my family and friends seriously spoil me. Happy holidays everyone, until next year. To view the dress I'm wearing in this picture view this blog post.

xoxo, Michele


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