July Recap

Washington, DC, USA
July Recap

I feel like these recaps are starting to become too similar. We're still in "quarantine" which means no one has really been able to enjoy their summertime. Our apartment pool just opened, but has limited access, we're still working from home and it's been really hot. The best part of the past couple months has just been my family and close friends to be honest. It's kind of nice to not constantly be on the go-go-go so we've been able to slow down and enjoy more time together. Maybe that's just us šŸ¤·šŸ¼‍♀️–how is your summer going?

July Recap
July Recap

Highs & Lows
Highs: I did something kind of crazy this month that only people close to me know about. I will share once I hear good news back! Asides from that, I saved a baby kitten's life! If you guys follow me on Instagram then you know I found a baby kitten the weekend of July 4th stuck behind my uncle's hot tub. She wasn't moving and her eyes were slowly closing. Me and my aunt were able to get her out of there and when I got a hold of her her fur was matted, she had 3 ticks on her and her leg was swollen. I found a home for her with a good friend, but I instantly bonded with this kitten and she bonded with me. There's no doubt in my mind that she would have died if we didn't get her out of there and even though I cried for two days after giving her up, I love that she's with someone I know and trust and can still stalk her via social media. 

Lows: This is a low, but it's also a high. A wake up call about finances! Not that I'm in major debt or anything like that, I just had this insane wakeup call and motivation to just pay off my debt and start really saving. Adulting man, it makes you do crazy things.


90s Night // My girls and I had the ultimate 90s/2000s night with my girls earlier this month and it was everything. Everyone dressed up, we played games, ate a ton of junk food. It was awesome. View the blog post by clicking the link here.

Gossip Girl Books // I have been devouring these books lately. I want to get through the entire series before the summer ends.

Stretching // My boyfriend started this habit and I shortly followed. We made our patio a half workout area, half sitting area and where the workout mats are where the sun hits it perfectly. Every morning we go out there and do morning stretches and it really has been a game changer when it comes to stating your day on the right foot.

Marley Spoon Food Subscription // I've tried Dinnerly and Blue Apron before. My boyfriend currently orders Freshly, but the problem is that I'm a vegetarian who hates vegetables. So other food services that offer broccoli with soy sauce just isn't my thing. Marley Spoon by Martha Stewart is everything I could want and more...except the price. I'll have to see if I continue it past the discounted rate because its almost $70 a week. On the other hand it doest cut down the grocery bills... so I don't know. More updates to come! Click here to try Marley Spoon and get your first box free!

Date Night // Don't worry, a blog post on this will come soon. But getting creative on date nights during quarantine has been really fun!

70s Instagram Post // Wilmer who played Fez on "That 70s Show" liked this Instagram post that I shared last week! 

July Recap

Links I Love

Memes // Let's be honest, memes is what is keeping us together through these times. Fall memes, dog memes, celebrity memes. These are just a few of my faves.

Brooklyn Apartment Tour // I have been obsessed lately watching New York apartment tours and yes, even though 5K a month is a lot, for how big this apartment is though it's a steal!

Tributes to Naya Rivera // Another Glee star has tragically passed away. Naya Rivera was crazy talented and if you read her biography "Sorry... Not Sorry" then you know she had a very interesting life. All of her co-stars have posted memories tributing her and Ryan Murphy has set up a college fund for her son. It's so sad, but it's beautiful to see how you can leave your mark on the world.

Dog & Horse Friendship // I mean this video speaks for itself. WE DON'T DESERVE DOGS!

Another Husky Video // These never get old. Also I want to try this with Oliver.

Brooke Miccio New York Vlogs // Brooke is one of my favorite YouTubers and she recently just moved to New York City. Which means, NYC moving vlogs! I am here for it.


If you want to try out Marley Spoon click the link here to get your first box for free!

xoxo, Michele

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