Cute Date Ideas: Quarantine Edition

Washington, DC, USA
Cute Date Ideas: Quarantine Edition

One day I went up to my boyfriend and simply said, "I want you to take me on a date but in our apartment. I don't care how or when you do it, I just want a nice date." Obviously he looked back at me and said, "What?" And proceeded to ask a bunch of other questions which I replied with, "Nope, I don't care just surprise me." And surprise me he did. He told me to be ready for a "first date" one day and planned everything else. He killed it, seriously. He moved our dinning room table near our window for a beautiful sunset view, he got some authentic Italian food (something I have been craving for months now) and two bottles of wine. He played some Disney music in the back and we both dressed up and acted as if this was a first date. It was amazing and I couldn't have asked for anything better. Which gave me the idea, date nights don't have to be complicated, especially during a pandemic. You can have beautiful date if you get a little creative.

Themed Dinner
Cute Date Ideas: Quarantine Edition

Just like we did, you can set up your own restaurant indoors. Pick your favorite type of food and just roll with it. Morgan Yates has been killing it with the theme nights on her YouTube channel so you can definitely get some inspiration from her.

Cute Date Ideas: Quarantine Edition

The best part about a picnic is you can have it anywhere at anytime! Breakfast, lunch or dinner. In your backyard or at a local park. You really can't go wrong with a basket full of snack foods and some fresh air.

Fort + Movie Night
Cute Date Ideas: Quarantine Edition

We've been doing this way before the pandemic, but we build a fort in our living room and have a movie night.

Happy Hour on the Patio
Cute Date Ideas: Quarantine Edition

Such a simple, but fun idea is to have your own happy hour right on your patio. If you're working from home you are stuck inside all day, so step outside for a cocktail and a "happy hour" inspired dinner. I personally love cheese boards šŸ˜.

Backyard Movie Night
Cute Date Ideas: Quarantine Edition

If you have all the props to do this, I say do it! Set up a backyard movie night where you watch movies on a projector outdoors!

If you have any other ideas for a cute date night leave a comment down below! Photos by: Pexels

xoxo, Michele

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