Self Care Essentials

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Self Care Essentials
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Self care is one of the most important things that has lately become a trend rather than something to focus on. A face mask and bubble bath will solve all of your problems (though it is a great form of relaxation), but what you really need is to concrete on ways to get your anxiety, worry or any negative thoughts out of your life. In order to have a true self care day, you need to find what resources and tools work best for you. Because there are different types of self care and depending on what you need will change from day to day. 

If you've been non-stop lately and super busy, you need to let your body rest. I recommend for this type of self care you focus on the following tools.

Your favorite mug. Whether you start your day with tea or coffee, take a moment to grab your favorite coffee mug (rather than that typical to-go cup you're always reaching for). 

Essential oils are a must. Some of my favorites include This Works Stress Check Breathe In. You can also put your favorites (such as lavender for relaxation) in a diffuser.

If you're a vitamin person then some that you might want to look into are the Olly Goodbye Stress Gummies and possibly even some CBD gummies to help keep your brain from bouncing back and forth on your to-do list tomorrow. Today is all about "chilling out."

The bath is the most important thing for this day. If you are a bath person, then you'll love some of my favorite bath products. The bath tub caddy is perfect if you plan on spending a luxurious amount of time then you'll need a place to prop your book or iPad. You'll want to indulge in the bath saltsOuai Chill Pills Bath Bombs and bubble bath for the perfect bubble bath. And why not, throw on a face mask of your choice too. This is the epitome of the relaxation and a great time to put your phone away and relax. 

You shouldn't have to put on pants or a bra or real clothes for this day. So choose your favorite and coziest outfit that you plan on lounging on. You will also want some fuzzy slippers (UGG is my go-to) but you can also find some more affordable ones on Amazon.

When you're laying down you need to have the most comfortable items including a heating pad, neck wrap, the perfect blanket, silk pillow sheets + eye mask and if you're working through some anxiety a weighted blanket can literally take some of your worries away.

For activities you should be focused on "mindless" activities. I mean that with all sincerity, but you don't want to be on your phone or computer. Don't even think about checking your e-mail. I personally love to get lost in a good fiction book or color (I personally like children's coloring book versus adult ones, but to each their own). Another thing I do is journal. I want to do a whole blog post about how I journal, but my journal has truly changed my life. I don't mean to sound dramatic, but it's true. I have a whole journaling kit and when I need to get some things out of my mind I simply put it on paper. I can't stress how much I enjoy this process and maybe you will too.

I am the type of person who is easily influenced by my surroundings. If my apartment is messy I can't just "relax." I will clean up, spray some room spray (currently loving the Glade fall scents) and turn on all of my favorite decorative lights such as the electric fireplace, the LED light strip and the Himalayan salt lamp. I also love having fresh flowers around the home. Of course, the most important thing is lighting candles. You really can never have too many candles and not only does it make your apartment smell good, but it's so aesthetic.

Talk or cuddle it out. You could have the most relaxing day, but at the end of all of it are you truly happy? Do you really feel better? What you need to focus on is your emotions and figure out what is triggering your anxiety. If you have a therapist you can do a virtual call (there are tons of resources out there where you can talk to someone or set up weekly appointments), call your mom or best friend (whoever it is that helps you sort out your problems) and lastly cuddle with a pet. My dog is a personal weighted blanket (literally). He will literally lay on top of me (all 80lbs of him) and be super loving. It's exactly what I need when I feel like the rest of the world is crashing down around me.

This is some of my techniques for a real self care day. A day that really resets my mind and lose some of my everyday anxiety and stresses. What are some techniques or tools that you use? Let me know by commenting down below.

xoxo, Michele


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