Texas Outfit Inspo

Texas, USA
Texas Outfit Inspo

I was so excited when my family started to plan a trip to Texas this summer. And then I was super bummed when COVID-19 hit and those plans got cancelled. I haven't been to Texas since I was a kid and I have so many bookmarks saved of places, stores, restaurants, etc. I want to visit in Texas. I wanted to go all out, because it's Texas–go big or go home right. I had a few images saved and a few items in my shopping cart that I wanted to share my outfit inspiration for this Texas trip that will happen, eventually.

The first set of photos I had saved were from one of my favorite photographers, Faith Danielle. I love everything about this outfit...the white fringed jacket, the pink cowboy hat, I mean it's perfect. Just add pink cowboy boots and you have a lewk.

YouTuber and podcaster Kenzie Elizabeth released a crewneck sweater that said "YEEHAW" but of course now I can't find where to buy it. I get a lot of my Texas looks from Kenzie–being a Dallas gal and all–but I'm bummed I can't find her exact sweater. I found a similar one linked here and a colorful one linked here.

Another item I've been looking at are fringe denim jackets. I really want a white one like the Faith Danielle photo shoot and if I can't find one while thrifting this year, then I'll definitely be getting this one from Romwe. While I was window shopping on Romwe though I also came across this Emerald green colored one too that I am obsessed with!

Another item I saw (thanks to Kenzie) are these neon cowboy hats. There is no real reason I would ever need to own this, but if I'm going to Texas, I feel like I need it for an underground rodeo rave night–ya know? I really don't know what I'm talking about, but they're just really cool!

The "Howdy, Howdy, Howdy" theme is another thing that has caught my eye. It's the aesthetic look like I gravitate towards, whether it's a sweater or a drinking cup.

I also really want some pink or white cowboy boots, but I have yet to find the perfect pair yet. So if you find a pair you like–send the link my way!

Lastly, of course, a classic t-shirt that I have my eye on is the "Don't Mess With Texas" Graphic T-Shirt. Whether I get one before the trip or in TX, I know this oversized tee will become a staple in my wardrobe.

xoxo, Michele

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