December Recap

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December Recap

Happy holidays everybody! Today I'm sharing a recap of my month of December. Which of course was filled with all things Christmas related. None the less, here are some things I'm loving this month, my highs and lows and of course what I bought. To see what I got everyone else for Christmas click the link here: "What I Bought Everyone Else for Christmas."

December Recap
December Recap
December Recap

Highs: It's Christmas! Or at least it was. The holidays make me so happy and I was so excited to be surrounded by family and friends and all of the Christmas cookies!

Lows: The holidays ended...which means I had to go back to work. So booo.


Fireplace TV Stand // I have always loved our TV stand with the electric fireplace, but I love it even more in the winter time. Even if the heat function isn't on it's just the aesthetic of the fireplace that puts me in such a cozy vibe.

Thrifting // I was trying to figure out how to categorize this one because I have had some AWESOME thrifting trips lately. But I also have specific items that I found including this winter fur lined hat, red Christmas sweater and even the Yu-Gi-Oh shirt for my there have been such great finds lately so yes thrifting has been a definite fave again this month! See my thrift hauls by following me on TikTok @micheleonelblog.

Ski Lodge Christmas Party // Hold out just a little longer because I'm working on sharing behind the scenes of our Ski Lodge-esque family Christmas party from this year. Inspired by the "Ski Lodge" line at Target in the Bullseye section—I knew I could turn our single family home into an apres ski resort in no time!

Winky Lux Lip Oil // I got this product in my FabFitFun box and I am OBSESSED! My lips are so velvety soft and it smells so's my new go-to lip product.

MaeLove Skincare // Ahh! I can't wait to share this blog post with you all, but MaeLove reached out to me to work together and when I got their products I was super excited to try it out and I was NOT disappointed. I used the retinal serum once and saw a huge difference in my skin. Seriously highly recommend this brand and can't wait to share my review.

Links I Love

Matthew Gray Gubler YouTube // How am I just now finding out about Matthew Gray Gubler's YouTube channel? I love him and find him to be so funny so this whole "undocumented series" is hilarious and if you're a Criminal Minds fan then you know the inside jokes and behind the scenes moments. LOVE LOVE LOVE OBSESSED!

Return to Hogwarts Preview // This is everything I wanted and more. Do NOT talk to me on New Year's Day I will be focused on the Return to Hogwarts Harry Potter Reunion. 

How I Met Your Father Preview // I am still on the fence about this I can't lie...but I love Hilary Duff so I hope this is good!

Happy Meal Toys // ... From the year you were born! Um, obsessed with the 1993 one!

Juniper Fox TikTok // My favorite Instagram account has a TikTok and I am obsessed!

My TikTok with My Mama // Mama Katz made her debut on TikTok and she did sooo good! Look how cute she is šŸ˜.


Barbie Gingerbread Kit | M&M Stadium Gingerbread Kit | Harry Potter Mystery Wand | Nutcracker Ice Mold | 101 Dalmatians PuzzleYaky Charms Dog Popcorn | Vibrant Life Advent Calendar for Dogs | The Nightmare Before Christmas VHS Tree Ornament | Jack + Pup Bully Sticks Dog Treats | Lucky Brand Blanket | Scotch Lint Rollers | iPhone 13 Pro Max | Mighty Patch Pimple Patches & Pimple Strips | Frenchie Marble LeashFrenchie Marble CollarFrenchie Marble Poop BagFrenchie Marble Fanny Pack | 32-inch Bamboo SkewersChocolate Cocktails | Silver Christmas Plates | Daiquiri Cocktail Infusion Mix | Glitter Pine Cones | 50-ft Non-Lit Soft Garland Tea Light Houses  | Heated Blanket | 30pck Taper Candles | Baby Banana Toothbrush | Dr. Seuss "Happy Birthday to You" Book | Happy Organics Baby Teether Crackers | Disney Baby "Goodnight Farm" Book | Avocado Teething Toy | LED Tealight Candles | Soft White Christmas String Lights | 2pc Ski Lift Decor | Faux Mistletoe Decor | Wild Harvest Treat Mixed Nuts, Seeds and Berry Flavors | Steve Madden Scarf | Nude Seamless Thongs | Hero Cosmetics Mighty Pimple Patches | 14pc Stainless Steel Earrings | Freeze-Dried Dog Treats | Buddy Biscuits Dog Treats | Who Framed Roger Rabbit Vinyl Record

xoxo, Michele

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