5 Apps That Help Me Create Content For My Blog

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5 Apps That Help Me Create Content For My Blog

It’s no secret that content creation takes a lot of work. And a blog is included in that. I love coming up with new ideas and executing the fun photo shoots that go behind them, but actually organizing, editing, and posting all of the content can be very overwhelming. 

That’s why I use a handful of apps and websites that really help me make my content the best it can be—especially given the fact that it’s really just me behind the keyboard. I use more apps than just these five, but without these five I would really be struggling.

  1. Dropbox—This is the #1 platform I use to transfer content to and from different places. Whether I’m sharing photos with my friends, sending large files to my laptop, or uploading things from my laptop to my phone, this cloud storage system is so user-friendly and I’m able to download multiple large files at one time.

  2. Google Suite—I have become a Google gal. I actually draft all of my blog posts on Google Docs, I use Google Sheets to list all of my PR connections, my Gmail for all of my correspondences, Google Calendar to schedule my content, my domain www.micheleonel.com was purchased through Google Domains, and of course Blogger (which is the host I use to run my blog) is owned by Google. I practically use Google for everything.

  3. Lightroom—I edit all of my photos using Lightroom. I’ve always preferred Lightroom to Photoshop, mostly because I don’t do too much heavy editing, but Lightroom Classic on my desktop and Lightroom Mobile on my phone have given me access to edit my photos even when I’m on the go.

  4. Lens Buddy—This app is a lifesaver when you need to take some quick sponsored photo pics and all you have available is a tripod. Lens Buddy is able to take anywhere from five to a hundred photos for you without you needing a Bluetooth remote. I use this app all the time, even when taking vacation photos or photos with friends just so we don’t have to waste too much time taking photos.

  5. Unfold—Unfold has saved my butt more than a handful of times when it comes to posting stories on my Instagram (PS: If you’re not following me on IG you should be @michelekatsaris). Unfold allows you to create and customize posts for your social profiles and I mostly use it for Instagram stories to share new blog posts in an aesthetically pleasing way.

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