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Jacksonville, NC, USA

home gift guideI was fortunate enough to receive a ton of new apartment/home gifts last year for Christmas since I moved into my own place in January.  I also got a lot of gift cards which bought just about, if not all, of my furniture.  My mom got me a ton of picture frames and candles that made this place feel more like home.  One of my all time favorite quotes is from The Office when Creed says, "No matter how you get there, or where you end up, human beings have this miraculous gift to make that place home."  If you know someone who is moving into their own place soon here are a ton of ideas for the home owner this holiday season!

One.  Blankets //  Everyone loves a cozy blanket.  TJMaxx, Marshalls, and Target always have the BEST ones!  I have two blankets for the living room, two for my bedroom, and an extra one for when guests come to stay.  Seriously, you can never have too many blankets.

Two.  Pictures & Frames //  My mom took me to the dollar store and we bought tons of great frames. I like the simple black and gold ones, but there are so many different styles you can get from any home store.  If you want to make it even more personal you could put a picture in the frame!

Three.  Candles //  Anything that smells good will be loved!  I don't think it's possible to have enough candles.  For those who don't like the fire aspect of it, there is also scentcy warmers and air freshners that leave the home smelling ah-mazing.

Four.  Cookbooks //  When you move into your own place you have to learn how to cook.  You can't wait for your mama to cook dinner or eat out every night.  You can always google a recipe, but cookbooks are such classics.  Not only will they have tons of dinner ideas, but they're a great decor piece for the kitchen.

Five.  Speaker //  Once you have your own place you can play music as loud as you want.  As much as I miss my mom, it's really nice to be as loud as I want, hah.  A speaker is a great gift for a home because it will constantly be used when doing homework, cooking, cleaning, etc.

Six.  Coasters //  This might sound like a weird gift, but coasters are such a cute home decor.  Plus, now that I own my own furnitue, I hate water rings.  There are a ton of different and inexpensive styles.

Seven.  Spices //  Omar and I love cooking and coming up with no concoctions in the kitchen.  It's a ton of fun.  We never really follow recipes though we sort of just eye ball how much seasoning goes into things, but it always works out.  Something I never realized until is that different recipes call for different spices.  I love our little spice cabinet and all the different type of spices that we've collected since we moved in.  Get someone a jump start and put together a spice package!

Eight. Slippers //  I absolutely love my slippers.  I wear them all around the apartment.  They are the most comfortable things I swear.  It's the best feeling taking off my shoes and throwing those bad boys on.  You can never go wrong with a comfortable gift.

Nine.  Plants //  As long as no one is allergic to flowers or plants, then this can be a great gift.  Omar keeps our home stocked with fresh flowers, even from Japan he still sends me boquets just to make me smile, and it just brings the home together.  I even have a pineapple plant in the office that looks super cool!

Ten.  Kitchen Essentials //  You never realize how much goes into a kitchen, but there is a lot!  Cups, bowls, plates, pots & pans... I mean it really never ends.  Make sure that they don't already have these items before you shop, but you can always get them a pretty cool toaster or waffle maker.

Are you moving into your own place soon?  What are some things on your list?

xoxo, Michele


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