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This is going to be my last gift guide on the blog this holiday season.  Seeing as how Christmas is only a few days away, I decided to end it with a very simple, last minute, inexpensive gift guide.  I'm sharing some of the best of the best stocking stuffers!  Stockings are actually one of my favorite parts of Christmas.  It's the last thing us kids go through and my parents are awesome at filling those bad boys up.  I love seeing all the different gift cards, toys, gadgets, and of course CANDY that my parents find.  I love puttings stockings together for friends and family because you never know the surprises that will be in there!  I put together some of the best stocking stuffers that would be great to add to someone's stocking.

One.  Beauty Products //  This can apply to guys and girls, but everyone loves a good beauty product.  Chapstick, face masks, nail polish, mascara, mini perfumes and lotions, and so many other great beauty products that fit perfectly in a stocking!

Two.  Gift Cards //  Gift cards are a great stocking stuffer!  They're small but can carry a lot (of value).  Starbucks, Target, Chipotle... I mean any gift card is perfect for a stocking.

Three.  Tech Accessories //  I can always count on my parents to throw some sort of tech accessory in my stocking!  Sometimes it's a charger, or a phone case, or a pair of headphones, or something really unique and cool!

Four.  Christmas Movies // There is nothing more classic than a Christmas movie!  Personally, I love ELF!  It's a fantastic and hilarious movie.  Giving a Christmas movie in someone's stocking would be perfect.

Five.  Jewelry //  Take this suggestion with a grain of salt.  I'm not talking about putting a pair of diamond earrings in there, but if you see a cute choker from Forever 21 that would be a great thing to add!

Six.  Socks //  I know when we were younger we hated getting socks for Christmas but now it's so much fun getting a pair of knee high socks!  Besides, what's funnier than a pair of socks in a sock?

Seven.  Candy // This one has to be obvious.  However, this is the time to be super creative!  Get some of the old school candy we grew up on like Pez or Wonderballs.  You can even get festive candy and chocolates.  Obviously candy canes are a must.  If you have multiple stockings to fill make sure you get individually wrapped candies so you can share it among all of them (5 Below has 10 pieces of candy for $1)!

Eight.  Stocking // Don't forget the stocking to put them all in!  PBTeen has cute ones, so does Target and even Walmart!

Stockings are perfect to combine all of those small gifts or knick knacks that you got somebody.  Anyone will love a stocking filled with fun goodies!  What else would you reccommend to fill a Christmas stocking with?  Let me know below!

xoxo, Michele


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