What I Want For Christmas

Jacksonville, NC, USA

what i want for christmas

Every year we all get asked the same question, "What do you want for Christmas?" And ever year we all say the same thing, "I dunno."  All year we look online and in the malls and we see things we want but then we forget when that one question comes up each year.  I love Christmas!  One of those reasons is shopping, duh!  Seriously though I love present shopping.  I love seeing that one thing in stores and going, "YES, that totally reminds me of that person!"  Then of course seeing their faces when they open their gifts.  I mean it's priceless.  I plan on doing more gift guides for friends and fam, but in the mean time this is my answer to, "What do you want for Christmas?"

One.  Staple Jewelry Pieces // I have been wanting a simple gold monogram necklace for the longest time (my initials are MAK, hint hint, wink, wink).  I've also been eyeing the Kate Spade stone pendants for bit now.  I think they are so simple and go with everything. Those are my favorite kinds of jewelry pieces.  I also really like the Cartier love bracelets (I know, basic) but I think the price is ridiculous.  Check out Etsy and Wish for some knock off versions.

Two.  Calvin Klein //  I don't care if you call me basic, but I love the CK undies, pjs, and all of the above.  Literally, can't go wrong with a Calvin Klein sports bra or sweater.

Three. Ban.do Portable Charger // I've had some portable chargers throughout my time, but none of them are really that great.  I found this one portable charger on the ban.do website and not only is it a larger one but it's super cute!

Four.  R2D2 // What, am I 10 years old?  Why yes, yes I am.  I want a life sized R2D2 and the Disney store sells them.  Where do you think I got my BB8?  Disney!  Since I'm 10 years old you can also throw in a Tickle-Me-Elmo.  I just feel like anytime I'm stressed out I could make Elmo laugh and laugh along with him, his laugh is just so contagious!  Seriously guys... I'm 10 years old.

Five.  Michael Kors Backpack // I saw this baby when I went home for my cousin's graduation party sitting on a chair next to my Aunt Kim.  Literally, my jaw dropped.  It was so beautiful!  It's a good size and can fit everything and I think that it would just be perfect for those airport trips or weekend visits.

Six.  Baseball Caps // During the summer I wore a baseball cap like every day.  It was just perfect for beach days or when you're going on an adventure downtown.  Vineyard Vines has some super cute ones, but I also really want an LA one, or an ODU one, or these super cute Disney ones.

Seven.  Lush Products // BOYS! Listen up!  If you have a girlfriend or someone you want to be your girlfriend you neec to get your butt to Lush.  Bath bombs, body scrub, or face mask are a way to any girl's heart.

Eight.  Knee High Boots // I have been seeing these all over my Instagram, because all of the bloggers I follow have a pair.  Honestly, I want a pair too!  Black, please!

Nine.  Lounge Clothes // Am I the only one that has "workout clothes" that I never workout in?  I have workout clothes I don't mind getting all sweaty in, but then I have some that I would cry if I got a little dirt on.  I guess I should call them lounge clothes then.  That's it, I need some new lounge clothes.  I need me some new leggings, sweat pantssport bras, slippers, and loose T-shirts to lounge in.

Ten. Ban.do Lady of Leisure Collection // These products came out just a few months ago and to be honest I don't even know if they are in stock still but I fell in love with this backpack + agendafolio combination.  I literally imagined myself carrying these three items everywhere I go and just showing the world like "Oh yeah, I have my shit together."

That's what's on my list this year! What about you?  Let me know below!

xoxo, Michele



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