Gifts For Mom & Dad

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Gifts For Mom & Dad
I saw this post years ago that said, "When you want to buy your parents their own private island, but you only have $3."  This quote is still true as ever to this day.  I love my parents and I wish I could give them anything and everything for Christmas.  Maybe one day!  Until that day comes though, showing your parents how grateful you are for the things they do can be easy with the right gift.

One.  Spa/Golf Day //  You can either make gift baskets filled with bath goodies, facials, and robe or quite literally set up a spa day for you mom.  Same goes for dad!  Getting him some new golf gear would be awesome, or just setting up a day for him to go.  Getting them gifts that get them out of the house and time to unwind is a great gift for them.

Two. Photo Albums //  Nowadays, it's so easy to save pictures digitally and forget all about them.  Whenever the family goes on a special trip I love to make my mom a small photo album of the pictures we took that weekend.  My mom loves these and has them for show in the dinning room.  They're just small books that you can get through Photo Affections and they make for the perfect gift (use my code mkatsaris1 for a discount)!

Three.  Dinner For Two //  This is another great gift you can get mom and dad.  Sometimes, they just don't get enough time together.  Give them that push to get out of the house by getting them a gift card to one of their favorite restaurants!

Four.  Family Pictures //  This is the perfect gift to get mom and dad.  Set up a day to get family pictures taken, because time goes by so quickly.  When's the last time you guys had family pictures taken?  Mom will love it and it won't be just another knick knack on the shelf, it will be something she actually wants.  (If you're in the Northern VA/DC area, I am available this season to take pictures! $30 a session for 15 edited pictures of your choice and all of the original photos taken that day! E-mail me at to set up your picture day!)

Five.  Technology // This is a very broad gift, but if you have the budget it can be a really nice gesture to get your parents some upgraded technology.  Bluetooth speakers, a new iPad, maybe even a new television for the living room.  There are some killer deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

What other gift ideas should we add to the list?  Let me know by commenting down below.

xoxo, Michele


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