Stocking Stuffers

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Stocking Stuffers
Stocking suffers pretty much stay the same each year.  Anything mini, candy, even electronics can all be put into a stocking.  So instead of just listing some of the most common things, I wanted to put a twist on it!  Let's do all of the simple stocking suffers but make them more interesting.  Fun things that people wouldn't usually buy for themselves.

One. Candy //  This is an obvious one, but instead of buying a pack of M&M's at the store, let's buy some more unique candies.  Reptar Bars have made a comeback and although they're being sold online for over $10, I was lucky enough to find them in North Carolina for $3 each.  Godiva has a great deal where you can get a ton of wrapped chocolates in a tin for only $12 so check out your local Godiva.  Sugarfina has a wide variety of gummies and chocolates, plus it's ascetically pleasing.  Other local candy stores have unique truffle boxes that make for a great stocking stuffers.

Two. Travel Products //  This kind of goes hand in hand with getting someone beauty supplies, but make it mini!  Guys and girls can appreciate this, because everyone travels and it's awesome when you can pack the travel version of your most used products versus a full sized bottle.  Sephora and Ulta also have a great miniature sized products at the check out line so make sure you stock up on those!

Three. Camera Accessories //  This is a unique one, because they're inexpensive and can be really fun.  If someone has a Instax Mini Polaroid Camera there are a lot of accessories such as film, selfie mirror, and color changing lenses that can be fun to play with.  Don't forget the film!  Urban Outfitters and Amazon has some very unique film packs out there.  For the smartphones there are fish eye lens, phone rings, and even selfie mirror lights.  These gifts are great because they're fun, cheap, and will get some use out of them before they break or get lost.

Four. Face Mask //  Guys and girls love this one.  There are some really inexpensive ones and then there are really high ends ones.  I love how the guys in my group of friends (including my boyfriend) love a good face mask.

Five. Gift Cards //  I mentioned this one last year too, but lets be honest- it's an oldie, but a goodie.

Six. Desk Accessories //  This is a a perfect stocking stuffer, because they're small!  Things like stickers, pens, colored pencils and even mini notebooks go a long way.  If you have someone who is obsessed with their agenda like I am, they'll love a back of agenda stickers to keep them on track.

Seven. Unique Gadgets //  Your best option is to go to Tilly's, Forever 21, Francesca's, or any other store that you may like, and search for gifts under $25.  A ton of unique things will pop up like phone chargers, car accessories, notebooks and so much more.  You know the person you're shopping for and what they'll like.

Any other ideas for stocking stuffers?  Let me know by leaving me a comment! 

xoxo, Michele


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