Gifts Under $50

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Gifts Under $50
This gift guide became got a lot of views last year so I wanted to make it for you all again.  Getting a gift for someone can be pretty easy, but for some reason this time each year we freeze up.  Unsure of where to even begin.  I put together a list of really easy gifts that can be the perfect add on to a gift or perfect for Secret Santa.  Everything that's listed is $50 or less!

One. Blankets //  This may sound so random and so basic, but everyone loves a good blanket!  Even guys like these.  TJMaxx, Marshalls, Home Goods, even Target have some really large and affordable ones that everyone and anyone can enjoy.

Two.  Chargers //  This is another one that anyone will like because anyone can use it.  Whether it's a portable charger, a wireless charging pad, or even just one of those extra long chords- it's all really useful and won't go to waste.

Three. DIY Gift Set // I love putting these things together, because you can never go wrong.  Something that is great is getting a few items that have the same theme (sports, beauty, cooking) and putting it all together in a basket for the perfect gift set.  You can easily put together one for cooking with a cookbook, a couple spices, a bottle of wine, and a few cooking utensils.  Beauty ones are easy, just grab some bath bombs, bath salts, bath wash, and a loofa.  The possibilites are endless.

Four.  Car Accessories // If you have someone in your life who loves their car or is just in need of some enhancement then this is the perfect option for you.  So many great items such as dog seat covers, Bluetooth accessories, or even a car wash kit is a great gift!

Five. Baseball Caps //  These are perfect for anyone!  Male, female, mom, dad, secret Santa... just about everyone loves a good baseball cap to complete the outfit.  You can get really nice Adidas or Nike ones, or a sports team one, or even just graphic one of their favorite television show.  The choices are endless.

What are some of your go-to under $50 gifts?  Let me know by commenting down below.

xoxo, Michele


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