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Links I Love

I can't believe we're getting ready for the summer season. Beaches, bikinis and tan lines! It felt like winter went by really slowly this year so I'm excited for sunshine. I've seen some fun reads lately, especially with the Game of Thrones premiere last week, a ton of memes have been going around and they are golden. Here's to another round of links I love today!

The Avengers trailer has been released along with teaser clips and the movie posters which confirm who didn't survive during the snap. We have a small group going to the opening night and I can't wait! Also, Stan Lee's final appearance will be in this movie and it'll be so weird to never see him in a Marvel movie again.

Starbucks released a new line of Disney Parks mugs and I'm already planning my next trip back to Orlando, FL.

The newest trend is doing yoga with animals, but this is hands down the coolest one to me... yoga with lemurs!!!

I don't get involved much with politics, but anything that benefits animals I am 1000000000% supportive of. Virginia (where I live) governor signs bill making animal cruelty a felony!!!

Notice most links I love are animal related? This one is no exception. Cows seeing grass for the first time... COME ON, HOW CUTE!!!!???

This one really doesn't need much explanation because Lea Michele is perfection, obviously. Lea is going to be Ariel in the Hollywood Bowl. She's going to be magical.

So many cool and new brand products were released in honor of the Game of Thrones premiere. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw we had the ultimate GOT party. Everything was themed appropriately and we even snagged some of the Oreo's and wines. Some items that I think were really cool are the GOT Mountain Dews and the Urban Decay GOT collection. Still trying to get my hands on both of those so if you know where to get it or want to pitch for me to get the vault collection from Urban Decay find me on Venmo šŸ˜‰!

I can't even explain how cool this is. If Disney princess were Tim Burton Cartoons and I'm in love with every single one of them.

I knew this day would come.. MK&A Olsen movies are coming to a streaming service. Granted I have all but maybe 2 movies on DVD, still, can't wait to binge watch without having to switch discs.

This adorable baby fox made friends with the photographer and my heart just melts.

The cast of Clueless reunited and holy crap do I feel old. How do they all look the same!? Alicia Silverstone is just a beauty.

Speaking of an old, but incredible movie, Disney released the trailer fo Toy Story 4 and I feel like a kid all over again.

I swear this post is all animals and Disney, but are you even mad about it? This adorable pup loves his clothes so much his grandpa built him a little closet. It's just too precious and honestly my grandpa would have done something totally like this.

Now that I'm a die-hard Game of Thrones fan, I'm in love with Kit Harrington. I mean, who wouldn't be? This interview of him talking about his wife (who plays his on-screen love interest) is so heart warming. I've also been loving interviews I find on YouTube of the cast. Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner are so fun to watch!

Okay, lastly, what we all came here for. Game of Throne memes. I swear the best ones are on Tumblr and Twitter. I've been laughing for days over these. If you watch the premiere then you know most of the memes are about Bran, but they're great. Also, the new intro... my heart.

Links I Love

Wow! A lot of great reads over the past couple months. I hope you find them as interesting as I do! Make sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to see the anything other stories I share.

xoxo, Michele


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