Most Frequently Asked Questions

Washington, DC, USA
Most Frequently Asked Questions

Once people start to find my blog they tend to have a lot of questions of how this all works. Which is totally fine! I love what I do and I'm happy to share as much as I can. Depending on the setting though I feel as if I can't always fully explain what it is that I do here. I'm hoping this blog post can put it all together nicely and if you have any other questions don't hesitate to reach out!

Most Frequently Asked Questions
Most Frequently Asked Questions
Most Frequently Asked Questions
Most Frequently Asked Questions
Most Frequently Asked Questions
Most Frequently Asked Questions
Most Frequently Asked Questions
Most Frequently Asked Questions
Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blog?
A blog is a personal website where I share whatever it is that I want. Reviews on products, my stories, my life and everything in between. 

What's your favorite part about blogging?
Blogging is my creative outlet. It allows me to refine my writing and photography skills. Planning blog posts and photoshoots is fun to me and allows me to be creative outside of my full-time job.

How do you balance working full-time and blogging?
I've written a couple blog post like this before that explains how I stay organized and balance it all. I usually work on my blog at night or on the weekends. You can see my daily work week schedule blog post here, how I organize my agenda here and how to balance a work and social life here.

Do you make money from your blog?
Yes, I do! Not enough to do it full-time and pay my bills, but I do make some money from it.

Do you get products for free?
I do! Companies want me to test out their products and review it or share it with my readers so I get products and samples from time to time, but I always give my honest opinion about the products.

Do you even like the products you advertise? Do you ever say no to brand deals?
I only share products that I genuinely like with my readers. Brands and companies do reach out to me to have me test out their products, but it's not until after I test them out do I give my honest review. I have said no to several companies before because it just doesn't make sense for me to work with them. I don't promote drugs or alcohol and I'm a vegetarian and I've been asked to share a steak recipe on my blog before!! That just doesn't make sense to me or my brand and I only share products that I like with all of you.

What's the hardest part about blogging?
It's very time consuming. Most people think it's take a picture and write some stuff, but it's way more than that. It's more than what I even do, but a decent blog post can take anywhere between an hour to four to fully complete it- and that's not even including pictures & picture editing.

How do you get followers and likes on your pages?
I notice when my pictures are all edited the same way and I post consistently I get more attention versus times where my Instagram is sort of fallen flat. It take consistency, patience and time.

How do you make money from your blog post?
There are two ways that you can make money from a post. The first is a brand collaboration. When a brand wants to work with you they pay you to share your review on their products. This is set up differently across the board, some people have managers, some receive PR packages, it just depends. Then, the next thing is affiliate programs. I use Shop Style Collective, Reward Style, Amazon and any other brand that I have an affiliate program with. Basically, I link a product from one of those third party sites, when you purchase that product (or something from that suggested retailer) I get commission from that.

What's your number one advice for people wanting to start a creative outlet?
Whenever someone wants to start a creative platform, whether it's a blog, a YouTube channel or an Instagram, you must, must, must LOVE what you do. Blogging is a pure hobby for me. If one day I can turn it into a full-time job that would be amazing, but right now it's a hobby. It's not something that I started solely based on money, because it is a lot of work. It's not something that you can throw together and expect to make millions. It take consistency, patience and time.

How do you edit your photos?
My editing style is constantly changing because I haven't found my niche just yet. It also depends on the pictures and when blog post is due. Normally I edit on Lightroom Classic using presets and tweaking things, but if I need something edited real quick from my phone I'll use VSCO. It just depends on the photo. Once I find the perfect consistency I'll be sure to update and let you all know.

Do you think blogging is expensive?
This is a yes and no question. Yes, because I think there is this facade where people think bloggers live in these glamorous houses with all white furniture and designer clothes, but the truth is I'm a twenty-six year old girl who has student loans. I can't buy everything I want. There are ways around that though. Working with companies, being on PR list, second hand shops and of course returning a product are ways that you can go around that. You don't need to be rich to be a blogger!

Where do you get inspiration for blog post from?
I can honestly list a bunch of websites and things that give me inspiration but the truth is it's just life. I may see a new makeup product on Instagram then I'll go buy it, test it out and write about it. I might see an outfit that inspires a photoshoot, I purchase, I photograph in it and I write about it. I follow other bloggers and if they write an interesting blog post I might put my own spin on it but they originally inspired it. Can't forget Pinterest and Instagram where I may see something that leads me to ten other ideas. Then there's just my every day life. Anytime I go on a trip I try to make the most out of a trip and get as many post as I can from it. Inspiration comes from everywhere and I am always jotting down notes and ideas.

Do you have a personal photographer? Who takes all your pictures?
I have worked with a few photographers, but I don't have just one person who takes all of my pictures. Most of the time my friends, family, my boyfriend or even my make shift tripods take my photos. I've worked with Rachel Gord Photography, Photo by Lexi, Markey Mark Films and Heather Faber Photography in the past. I will say anyone who lives in Michigan is super lucky because Heather is the best photographer I have ever worked with. It also helps that we were friends before working together, but she just gets me! We used to be able to shoot 4-5 looks in the span of two hours and she would have the best ones edited by the next day. She always knew exactly what I needed, she would pose me, fix my hair and it was just great chemistry. But now that we both have moved outside of North Carolina I don't get to shoot with her anymore and it's so sad :( !

If you have any other questions about blogging please let me know! I always love to share and inspire other creatives.

xoxo, Michele


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