Links I Love + My Thoughts On Game of Thrones Finale

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Links I Love + My Thoughts On Game of Thrones Finale

It has been an insanely busy month so far and it's not even close to being over. My schedule for the next few weeks are kind of crazy, so I'm glad I have lots of content ready to go, but I had to fit one more in because we need to talk about the Game of Thrones Finale. Here are also some recent links I've stumbled upon and yes, most of GOT memes.. you're welcome. *Warning: Spoilers Ahead*

Shout to myself, but I released some major news on my Instagram last week. I can't wait to share my work with you all starting in August! View the Instagram post by clicking here.

Baby kangaroos are so adorableeeeee!! Watch how this baby learned how to jump in a pouch.

Basically a collection of the best tweets from the GOT finale.

Apartment Therapy did a collection of Game of Thrones rooms.

Tom Holland was lied to during Avengers, just so he didn't say any spoilers and he's so cute and innocent it's adorable.

This post was released on Facebook and I realized I am this old.

Maisie Williams released an app just for creatives and it's exactly what this generation needs.

I don't know if this is still working, but if you Google "Thanos" you're in for a treat.

A service dog picks out his birthday toys .. I'm not crying, you're crying.

This meme from episode 5 in the GOT final season.

Sophie Turner killed it at the MET GALA!

I don't know if I've shared this before, but it needs to be shared again if I have.. a husky vs. 5,400 balls!

My thoughts on the Game of Thrones series finale.. it could have been better. I think I'm with the majority here that Game of Thrones is a masterpiece and there truly isn't anything else like it, but the final season could have simply put just been better. A piece of me is happy that the Starks found their own happiness in the midst of all the chaos, but chaos is what made this show so great to begin with. I felt that Jon killing Daenerys was a very obvious storyline, which is why I didn't expect it, I thought it was too obvious. Then that's it? No other major characters die? This is what the show was built on.. the good dying and the wicked surviving. I really expected at least one more Stark sibling to die, I'm just being honest. Also, what was the point of Jon being half Targaryen???? And who does Arya kill with green eyes?? These are important story lines that were meant to be finished people!!! The entire cast said that they cried and were so shocked at the ending, I truly believed it was because Arya died. I LOVE ARYA, so don't get me wrong, a part of me was happy that she sailed west of Westeros like the badass she is, but her death would have been the jaw dropping moment we all deserved. I like the twist of Bran being the new king of Westeros and Arya going west, I'm holding my breath for the Arya spinoff, and even Sansa being Queen of the North was a nice touch, but Jon... the only good part about his ending is that he reunited with Ghost. They have ended episodes with beheading of main characters, boys being thrown out of windows and a red wedding, but to end it with a happy ending is just out of character. To contradict myself, the things I did like in the finale was the Ghost reunion (obviously), the fact that Drogon blamed the Iron Throne and not Jon for Dany's death (him nudging her dead body killed me), Tyrion throwing the "Hand of the Queen" pin, Tyrion being Hand of the King to Bran (that chair moving scene was honestly so perfect), along with Sam as the Maester, Ser Bronn as Master of Coins, Podrick became a knight (did you catch that?) and Ser Davos as Master of Ships. In a weird way I also liked the fact that Ned Stark built a freaking dynasty and each Stark sibling in an odd way, found peace. Overall, I feel as though if we had another season or couple more episodes to go off of fans would be feeling different, and maybe I'm one of those foolish fans, but I'm hoping that George RR Martin hits us with a couple more books and we at least get a spinoff from it all. Cheers to Arya not dying though *holds up cup.* Leave your thoughts by commenting down below, what did you think of the GOT finale?

xoxo, Michele


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